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Ritualize change to help make it softer, sweeter, and authentically connected.

I hope that you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend if you’re here in the U.S. with me.  We laid low, went on lots of family walks, chose a paint color for our house (indigo! I love it!), and got some household projects done.   It’s the beginning of the school year for my seven year old, which means adjusting to a new schedule, sweaters in the evenings, and enjoying the last days of perfect picnic weather.  It’s transition time. When I found out I was pregnant with my now 9 month old daughter, Sailor, I found myself crying in…

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Celebration is medicine

Have you ever had a moment where you looked around and thought to yourself, “Holy Shmoley, I friggin’ did it! This was a goal of mine and now it’s actually happening.”? This happened to me last week as I looked across the beauty of Grand Lake here in Colorado and then across the sweet faces of my spa management team, all gathered on the deck for a group activity during our retreat. I’d been dreaming of taking the leadership team somewhere to relax and play together for years, knowing that it would be a way to express my gratitude for…

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We all start where we start

“Why am I not Taylor Swift, damn it?” This is the question I asked my husband the other day after indulging in T-Swifts inspiring Instagram feed. “Because you can’t sing,” he said. True. I guess I could spend the rest of my life learning to sing and trying to make connections in the music industry, but as quickly as the desire came to be like Taylor Swift it vanished, as I decided that being able to dance along to Bad Blood with my girls in our jammies in the kitchen was even better. The thing is Taylor Swift has been…

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A life that feels good to live

I spent my weekend doing a little yard work, hanging out with my kids and friends, and creating house art projects with Peter. All things that from the outside might not look exciting, but nevertheless some of my favorite things to do. That’s the thing I’ve found: a full life that feels good to live doesn’t have to look like sipping piña coladas on the beach every day.  It might mean doing that sometimes, but I know that the people I jibe with also want to make an impact on the world and express themselves creatively.  And they can also find great…

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