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A Handmade Holiday

We’re headed to Austin for a family reunion+Thanksgiving celebration with Peters family, and though I’m really excited about seeing everyone, I also am overwhelmed with the number of emails and instructions I’ve been receiving about said event for the last couple months, planning all the things we need to bring with us and shop for once we’re there, plus trying to remember everyone’s names!! Ready or not, here come the holidays. My whole life I’ve loved the holiday season.  My mom was always had music playing, candles lit, and things baking.  We spent a ton of time in our pajamas….

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Dreambook- (56)


[First Name], when was the last time you woke up with an abundance of energy, when your body felt amazing, when your mind felt sharp and clear all day, when you literally had a spring in your step? As a mama to an (almost) 8 year old and an (almost) 1 year old, I have to admit, it had been awhile for me.  Lots of sleepless nights, carrying small humans around during the day, and a general degradation of attention on my personal care left me feeling foggy in my head and heavy in my body. So, when one of…

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Harvesting light

How open are you to receiving? The other day I was watching some social commentary comedy on Youtube about the ways we disparage ourselves and downplay our greatness when we’re given a compliment. The funny thing is you don’t buy a handsome shirt or get your hair done or write beautiful prose or learn to play a new instrument for the compliment, but you certainly don’t do it to look worse, be less articulate or talented!   If we’re willing, compliments help us to practice receiving.  Being able to receive praise, without needing it.  Receive attention, without attaching to it….

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The Three Essential Elements of an Exceptional Life

There is something luminous in all of us, a spark that wants to grow into an exceptional life. A life in which we have health, happiness, and meaningful success. Paradoxically, chasing this dream can lead to a life that’s somehow stressful but without a sense of accomplishment, excessively full yet somehow lacking the space and time for fun and self-care. A life that, despite our best intentions, feels far our beautiful vision – if we haven’t lost sight of that vision altogether. I’m here here to change this trend. It’s my purpose and delight to facilitate a movement of people…

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