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Four rules for investing in you

I’m so incredibly grateful for all the mentorship I’ve received in my life. From people that have known me, and those I’ve never met in person. My first business coach guided me out of being an employee in my business and moving me into manager (with the goal of entrepreneur). Then I had my business whisperer, who taught me how to use our business numbers to tell a true story of what was going on so I could be anywhere in the world and run my business. Next I joined a Mastermind that changed my life by aligning me with…

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Are you still . . .

Recently I’ve felt misunderstood by some friends that are close to my heart. Not misunderstood, like they thought my words meant something different than I intended, though, of course, that happens too. But rather, misunderstood about who I really am, or who I feel like to me. I think this happens all the time. I’m sure it happens with me in the reverse as well. We relate to people as we knew them. Or to people as we remember them. But not always as who they are in this moment in time. It makes sense, right? It creates a sense…

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