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Dreams in the darkness

I’ve never been able to watch a Holocaust movie without sobbing uncontrollably through the whole thing, and for hours after. It hasn’t stopped me from watching many of the impeccable films that have captured the brilliance of the human soul in spite of horrific circumstances. My favorite movie of all time is Life is Beautiful. […]

Being perfect sucks

When I first started my business and was interviewing employees I asked questions like “what’s your biggest weakness when it comes to fulfilling this position?”  The most common answer? “I’m a perfectionist.” I’m pretty sure that this must come standard in interviewing 101. I always thought this was a pretty crap answer because it seemed like […]

The Art of Delegation

I am so excited to be home after a long vacation with my family.  This summer has been such a blessing, and the best part is that not a moment of it has been wasted.  I’ve been present to every little bit of it.  And I know that it wouldn’t have been possible without an […]

Love & Liberation       

Every year on my birthday I take inventory of my life, checking in with how I feel mentally, spiritually, emotionally.  Last year I decided I would make 33 all about falling in love with me.  It felt like the ultimate gift to myself and was something I hadn’t fully focused on before.  It was an […]