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3 Ways to Reconnect with Ritual

This past weekend we celebrated the first two nights of Passover.  We hosted one night at our house with close friends, lots of children, and Peter’s parents.  The next night we went to other dear friend’s house to celebrate with them and more friends, more kids, and Peter’s parents. When I first began dating Peter I remember going to his father’s house in Massachusetts for my very first Seder, and the first time meeting his family.  I immediately loved Passover: the story, the ceremony, the food, the songs, the wine . . . I mean, what’s not to love? Since…

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What I wish I had years ago

I’m so excited because this week two huge things are happening for me: one, a course  that I’ve been working on and is so dear to my heart is now available and two,  I’m featured in Boulder Lifestyle Magazine this month as a female entrepreneur “ultimate business role model”.  It’s an incredible honor to be celebrated for my leadership with The Dragontree. It’s not every day that we’re publically praised for our work in the world, and it feels very sweet.   My entrepreneurial journey has definitely has not been easy.  Yesterday I was doing an interview with another magazine…

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Where do you fit in?

One of the main reasons that I started my spas was to create a space where people could come and feel like they really belonged – both clients and staff.  I realized that one of the most fundamental human needs is to feel like we belong, whether with a group of people, in a place, with our families, or in a culture. So many of us grow up feeling on the outside looking in, as the youngest child in my family my experience of begging for my siblings attention like a puppy definitely felt that way.  And then in adolescence…

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Why set 10 year goals?

At my grandma’s funeral in December there were a lot of tears and a lot of laughs. We shared beautiful memories and shoulders to cry on. She was 91, she had as big of humor as she had heart, and she did life her way.   While I looked around at the church where her service was held, three things really struck me: 1. 64 of the 66 of us from her family made it to the middle of Montana from all over the world with 4 days notice.  She had cultivated relationships with all of us, she had prioritized…

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