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We all start where we start

“Why am I not Taylor Swift, damn it?” This is the question I asked my husband the other day after indulging in T-Swifts inspiring Instagram feed. “Because you can’t sing,” he said. True. I guess I could spend the rest of my life learning to sing and trying to make connections in the music industry, […]

A life that feels good to live

I spent my weekend doing a little yard work, hanging out with my kids and friends, and creating house art projects with Peter. All things that from the outside might not look exciting, but nevertheless some of my favorite things to do. That’s the thing I’ve found: a full life that feels good to live doesn’t […]

The hardest time of my life

When I started my first spa at 23 I was too young to be worried about failing. I was so full of naive idealism. It was great.  Then reality set in and I found I had a lot to learn or lose. I was not about to let my dream die and so I learned […]

Dreaming and Planning

  I believe that balance does exist. I’ve been quiet about this for some time now, but there has been a rising desire to speak out with this currently unpopular belief.  Why is it unpopular?  Well I think that many people were chasing balance in an unbalanced way that felt constrictive and not heart centered […]