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Being perfect sucks

When I first started my business and was interviewing employees I asked questions like “what’s your biggest weakness when it comes to fulfilling this position?”  The most common answer? “I’m a perfectionist.” I’m pretty sure that this must come standard in interviewing 101. I always thought this was a pretty crap answer because it seemed like […]

The Art of Delegation

I am so excited to be home after a long vacation with my family.  This summer has been such a blessing, and the best part is that not a moment of it has been wasted.  I’ve been present to every little bit of it.  And I know that it wouldn’t have been possible without an […]

Love & Liberation       

Every year on my birthday I take inventory of my life, checking in with how I feel mentally, spiritually, emotionally.  Last year I decided I would make 33 all about falling in love with me.  It felt like the ultimate gift to myself and was something I hadn’t fully focused on before.  It was an […]

Busy to satisfied

Hey [First Name], Do you ever find yourself responding to the question, “How’s life?” with an emphatic, “Busy!”? A couple years ago I had a conversation with a wise girlfriend about how we are addicted to busy and we tend to wear it as a badge of honor, even while we insist that it’s not […]