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Are you willing to be uncomfortable?

Happy Wednesday!  I woke up this morning so excited to get out of bed. Unfortunately, not because I was incredibly inspired, but rather because I was having an argument with a friend in my dream.  So when the alarm went off I was happy to wake up. If only all conflict could be resolved so […]

The inner and the outer work

Last week I was able to spend some glorious time with some of my favorite entrepreneur girlfriends jamming on business, life, and love.  Nothing was off limits: we were able to bare our souls and talk massive strategy. The more time I spend around people with big dreams, the more I see that we all […]

Only the Tippity-top-top

I can’t believe it’s already fall!  I’ve been super resistant to accepting that summer is over, and there have been a few warm days here recently that have me sporting summer dresses, but even in the heat of those days it feels like autumn.  Crisp air. Cool breeze. When the season changes I almost always have a […]

Dreams in the darkness

I’ve never been able to watch a Holocaust movie without sobbing uncontrollably through the whole thing, and for hours after. It hasn’t stopped me from watching many of the impeccable films that have captured the brilliance of the human soul in spite of horrific circumstances. My favorite movie of all time is Life is Beautiful. […]