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Are you still . . .

Recently I’ve felt misunderstood by some friends that are close to my heart. Not misunderstood, like they thought my words meant something different than I intended, though, of course, that happens too. But rather, misunderstood about who I really am, or who I feel like to me. I think this happens all the time. I’m sure it happens with me in the reverse as well. We relate to people as we knew them. Or to people as we remember them. But not always as who they are in this moment in time. It makes sense, right? It creates a sense…

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It’s OK to care what other people think… (video)

Thank you all so much for your love and encouragement after my last video. I’ve had a lot running through my mind and heart recently and hearing from you makes my soul sing. Today I want to talk about how much we can grow just by sending our approval out into the universe. It’s so easy to talk about everything that’s wrong when we should really focus on finding the things that are right. Click play below to find out why I think you’re doing a great job being you. Love, Briana

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Raising Vibes Lifts all People (video)

I’ve been making a lot of videos lately. It’s actually something I’ve been super resistant to because I get a little camera shy and it’s felt like a whole lot of work to do, but I’m so happy that I’ve committed to making it happen. Our videographer, Henna, is amazing and truly makes me feel at ease in front of the camera. Sometimes I even forget the camera is running. That’s what happened here. I was discussing my purpose with Henna so that she could translate my passion into the videos she creates. Unbeknownst to me, she was turning this…

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