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Falling Into Love

Let yourself fall in love. All the time. With everything. Do you remember a moment in your life where you felt that feeling of profound connection? Maybe while admiring a view or sunset, feeling overcome with its beauty and your gratitude for being alive? Or maybe when with a friend who’s reflecting their love for you? Or gazing upon the amazing miracle of your new baby? That’s the experience of falling in love. Falling in love is really just paying attention and seeing the light in the connection we’re experiencing. It’s living at the very frontier of our existence, at…

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Vintage typewriter with the the heart shape centered on paper. Closeup . Vintage typewriter with the the heart shape centered on paper. Closeup .

Note to self: I love you

When I was 19, on my first big adventure abroad, I visited a little town in Slovenia with my boyfriend. I was halfway across the world, but I had taken all my “stuff” with me. I don’t remember what exactly incited this particular unravelling into self-loathing and angst (yes, I was angsty!), but my boyfriend wasn’t going to humor me. He could see how uncomfortable I was in my own skin and how disconnected I felt. I remember him finally saying, “Just look in the mirror and tell you that you love yourself.” It felt so impossible. And when I finally did it, I was…

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Soul Sessions

Writing this blog feels kind of scary. But a wise teacher once told me, “Ecstasy lies behind a veil of discomfort,” so it’s time to get uncomfortable. Over the past year, I kept having the same experience while meditating. I saw myself doing healing work in a different way than ever before. Meanwhile, out of the blue, people from all areas of my life started asking me if I’m available for one-on-one sessions – even though I haven’t had a private practice for several years. I’d stopped doing individual sessions because I felt my time was better spent on broad…

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Saving the Princess

When I was little my uncle gave us a Nintendo. It was a huuuuge deal for us four kids in my family because it’s something my parents definitely would’ve never purchased for us, and we thought it would mean getting more tv time. It didn’t quite work out that way as my parents swiftly let us know that any Nintendo time would count toward our allowed 30 minutes of tv time we could have a day. Regardless, we busted out Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros post haste and fought over the two controls. I’m the youngest so, of course,…

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