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5 Things to Journal About and Why

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth There is so much research about the benefits of journaling: it relieves stress, sparks creativity, improves confidence, helps with conflict resolution, improves writing skills, boosts memory, increases emotional intelligence, helps achieve goals, evokes mindfulness, improves health, and makes you smarter. But sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and expecting to pour oneself through the pen can be a bit daunting for even the most inspired writer. To help you get through that first step of putting pen to paper, I’ve made a list of five things you…

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Build your own roadblock

Why do we create obstacles to our own success and happiness? The other day a lovely client of ours let us know that she had gotten most of her one-year goals within the first few weeks of using our Dreambook+Planner, but that she wouldn’t be buying it again because we have the week starting on Monday and not Sunday. Today there was a comment on one of our ads that said she was interested in the book, but because in the video there’s a clip of Peter dipping me on a bridge, it was “dumb” and therefore she won’t be…

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Conflicting desires?

Have you ever felt like you had two opposing desires living inside you?  Like wanting to live near your family in Montana and wanting to live on the beach?  Or wanting to be a commercial pilot and to be home for dinner every night?   I soooo get it. Recently it’s been coming up for me, and my close girlfriends. And the result is often decision paralysis and annoyance when it comes time to plan your life or your year – because how in the world could you ever plan when planning for one of these outcomes feels like killing…

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Don’t stop yourself from giving

Friday, as I went through TSA in Denver I felt drawn to give one of the officers our book, The Well Life. I don’t really know why, as we often don’t when guided by intuition. But I had one with me, and I asked if I could give it to him. He looked shocked and confused at first. Then he asked me to sign it and asked what it was about. As I described to him that the essence of the book was to help guide people to creating truly well, extraordinary lives his face lit up. He said “you’re…

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