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My next right action

Last week we received our early release The Well Life books.  I was so excited to share them with you, and then . . . the US election happened and I couldn’t get myself to celebrate, or focus, or really do much of anything.  I needed to be with my heart and get quiet to know the next right action to be of service. Over the weekend we were with friends and were talking politics, life, and love.  It was inspiring and enlivening, I felt incredibly grateful to be in community.  Then I mentioned our new book and our friend…

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I think I’ve always appeared confident – because I’m a risk taker.  Taking calculated risks that most people won’t take, is something that must be in my DNA because it comes naturally to me, for better or worse. But inside, I often really battle with not feeling confident, or good enough. I bring it up, because I think that so many of us often assume that other people: Have it all together. Don’t have these feelings of insecurity. Feel all blissful and content all day. And it’s just not true.   We’re all human and we all struggle. In our…

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