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Merging passion with commitment

I grew up with my father playing the piano whenever he was home.  He’d play songs we heard a thousand times and new songs he was working on and songs that would make us drop everything we were doing and run around the house like crazy children. (By the way this was a genius parenting [...]

Want to create your vision?

I know you have a dream and I want to help you get it, because the world needs more people that are standing for something, more people that aren’t living to make a living, but are living to make a life.

The art of slow extraction

For the last month or so my life circumstances have forced me to slow down.  Slow is generally not my pace.  I’ve never lost a game of Speed (you know that card game?) in my life.  I thrive on momentum. But as I’ve been forced to slow down, I’ve witnessed such beauty in the small [...]

Creating Confidence

I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited about this workshop on Confidence I’m creating for mamas.  It’s going to be so much fun and life changing (or at least that’s the plan)!  I’m super passionate about helping people feel confident, and even more thrilled to help mamas feel confident so that they [...]