“Listening to Briana talk was like being glued to the words of an ass-kicking, truth-telling angel warrior. I appreciated her honesty, wisdom and humor. Loved her reminder that the universe needs to know we are serious (shown by intention and hustle) so that it can meet us halfway.”

– Lisa Kroll

“Briana’s dynamic and inspiring Get It coaching program was just what I needed to kick off the new year! In the first week alone, I was able to break through blockages that have been holding me back for years. This program is a must for anyone truly seeking to make lasting life changes and make their dreams a reality. I can’t wait to start 2013 with these new skills!”

– Anna D, Rockstar and Badass

“Talking to Briana is like a breath of fresh air.  She makes everything simpler and hears the truth behind the ‘noise’ of life.  Her gentleness allows her to be super direct and it feels like love.  She guides you on exactly what you need to do next to manifest your dreams. ”

– Rachel P

“Working with Briana was like adding  jet fuel to my internal fire.  I was able to identify where my passions and strengths were and then was given tools to launch my dreams into reality. I have broken out of my rutty tired mold – without really realizing that i was in one.  Looking back only a few months I can see that there is a significant change in how I move through my day, my relationships, my career, and my LIFE!”

-Maurika W

“Briana’s program really pushes you to look at yourself and realize that the power lies within all of us to get what we want in life! Thanks so much, Briana, you gave me tools to morph into who I want to be. I loved listening to your voice and positivity!”

-Sasha C

“Briana teaches us how to show up brilliantly in our businesses with her 8 Steps to Choreographing Your Business guide. Her practical business wisdom is delivered with just the right amount of sass, sparking immediate ideas that helped me see my relationship with my business as a dance rather than just focusing on the work.”

– Danielle Cornelius

“Of all the amazing women who’ve influenced my life, perhaps none have proven as inspirational and relevant as Briana Borten. Through her mentoring, compassion, gratitude and support, Briana has continually been the embodiment of a woman who walks the talk and encourages others to do the same.

I’ve been able to stay strong in my foundation and persevere as I draw upon much of Briana’s guidance. I would not be as resilient and emotionally intelligent in maneuvering through difficulties without reflecting upon Briana’s warmth and support and most of all, words of wisdom. She has taught me many important life skills such as “sticking to the facts,” “not giving up so easily on oneself or others” and to “follow through with what you say you’re going to do.” All of these words have proven priceless.

The wisdom, compassion and gratitude Briana has exemplified and imparted to me have been a major source of motivation and resilience. For what I have learned from Briana, I am eternally grateful. For what she has shown me, I am a stronger person. And for knowing Briana at all, I am a better person to myself and others.”

– Piper Haser

“The best way that I can express my thoughts about Briana are through simplicity and honesty. As I have admired that subtle beauty in how she moves through life. I came from a background where simple things swiftly turned chaotic and so I gravitated to the world of natural health in hopes of finding balance.

She has a way of making you see your inner potential as well as the enthusiasm that makes you excited to bring it out. I found myself reaching high for my goals while simultaneously embracing a relaxed demeanor. This concept that she inspired in me was truly revolutionary. Briana encouraged the calm productive and happy side of myself to shine through. And I can honestly say that we all should be so lucky to have someone like her in our lives.”


“Working with Briana, I  have learned how with even the smallest amount of effort big changes can happen! I feel everyone should hear these lessons one way or another and Briana has a wonderful way of delivering them”

-Audrey S

“In the time that I have known and consulted with Briana, I have gained many fresh perspectives on how to lead my business with efficiency and confidence. When faced with a difficult decision, I often find myself using WWBD (What Would Briana Do) to get me through. Briana has a “tough love” approach that gets the job done in a unique way. I know that she will always be honest with me and I feel incredibly lucky to have her on my side.”

– Annee Ingala

“Briana says JUST what I needed to hear. I always look forward to the inspiration she so freely gives! It gives me hope to see that by moving forward, appreciating each present moment and not staying in the “story” I will be alright, no matter what.”

– Laura Crespino

“Far from being ‘new-agey’ the work that Briana does with you and the fundamental tools she gives you are foundational for leading a brilliant life. You do not want to attempt to create your dream life without this groundwork, it will make all the difference to making your dreams become your realities.”

– Jill Rowe

“Briana’s knowledge of business is both technical and experiential. Her work is the catalyst that gets people moving toward success on a very physical level and on a motivational realm. In one half hour of sitting with Briana, I was given vital advice of which I could immediately take action. Specifically, she advised me how to make changes and save money on my credit card transactions and shared with me her knowledge and experience working with employees in her personal businesses. I will continue working with her so that my business grows and reflects my own personal passions.”

– Liz Richards, Blossom Clinic, Portland, OR