How does the dichotomy of knowing you’re meant for something incredible in this lifetime and also feeling entirely too small live in one human being?
It’s so sad that it just takes a dollop of doubt to make us question our paths and spiral into shame, fear, and unworthiness.
In order for us to truly live our fullest potential, we need to get connected to a flavor of confidence that isn’t dependent on external factors or a fleeting “good” feeling.
Unlocking the code of confidence in my own life has been my work (you know that thing that just keeps coming up over and over and – I get it!!! – over again). For so long it felt like no matter how successful I was, or what I did to help people, or how much people reflected back to me that my work was powerful and legit – I could find the tiniest grain of “not enough” and like the Princess and the pea it would disrupt the whole situation.
I’d spiral into comparison : to others, to where I wanted to be in the future, to where I thought I should be now. And the verdict was always crappy.
So then came the affirmations
“I believe in myself!”
“I’m doing amazing things!”
“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it people like me!”
And nothing against affirmations – there’s definitely value in them when they work – but it just wasn’t sustainable for me. It was like putting a Band-Aid on a severed leg. Just not the tool for the job.
Through hours – no days -of sitting in mediation, healings from my guides, ceremony and prayer – the code for unlocking confidence and getting out of comparison became clear.
Crystal clear. 
And now I want to help you do the same thing.
If you fall into the pit of comparison and spend days clawing your way out only to find that even then you aren’t accessing authentic confidence, I just want you to know that I sooooo get it and it doesn’t have to be this way.
In fact, I beg you to do the work to shift this because YOUR magic, YOUR potential requires it and the world needs you.
I want you to feel this unshakable ground of confidence that is like your second skin.

You just live in it.

If you want my help, purchase now to receive immediate access to this 3 hour intensive: The Confidence Code. This powerful activation is designed to fully shift your energy and consciousness toward Confidence.

It’s so fire – I’m lit up in anticipation of what’s going to unfold for you.

Your confidence is Holy.
Honor it.
Be devoted to it.

Yes, I want this!

I’m Briana Borten, and I’m a leader & teacher in a new category of spirituality, one that focuses on how our connections to our souls, each other, and the earth are the solution to literally all of our problems.
I see, understand, and can tap into the web of the universe – the unseen energetic field through which we (our human souls, our bodies, and everything on the earth) are all connected.
Humans have lost our awareness of that connection and thus, our place in that web.
I believe if we can reconnect with that intelligence, the problems in our individual lives, as well as our problems as a species (politically, globally, and environmentally) can be solved.

Working with Briana has changed the way I live my life. I’ve gotten so much perspective, leading me to see that life is just life – it ebbs and flows with it’s changes, which has led me to understanding I don’t need to change my life circumstances as much as change the lens from which life is viewed.

I’ve learned to feel into challenges, and take a more spacious and expansive approach.

I now know where to go: the answers to who am I? Who do I want to be? How do I want to show up? Turn inside.

Briana is great at what she does.  She’s insightful and intuitive and compassionate.

– April Eileen

Briana’s capacity to see, work with and lovingly shift your energy — i.e. the system underlying everything you are feeling and experiencing— is truly remarkable. Not to mention breathtakingly efficient.

Time spent with her brings me distinct clarity in a way few things can.

Oh, and one energy session with her opens me up to so much more love and flow in minutes. It’s the deepest, truest kind of high— one that taps into my own essence. She’s something special and I feel so lucky to have her on my team.

– Ginny Muir

I have a tendency to be a bit chaotic, and immediately after my session with Briana I felt a sense of calm and stability that has not left me weeks later. But what was most profound was what transpired in my life the weeks after.

Some foundational pieces in my life fell apart, and then came back together in a new way that actually supported the person I was becoming. It was hard while it was happening, but it’s like our session initiated for everything that wasn’t working in my life to be revealed and renovated.

Working with Briana is an initiation, one you must not take likely and be ready for because your whole life will surely change.

– Sarah Jenks

I always knew Briana was incredibly talented; she is a conscientious mother, a deeply loving partner, a supportive friend, and an incredible business ninja.  She’s one of the few people in my life that I’ve brought all aspects of my life to, and felt completely heard and supported through it all.

But what I’ve come to discover is that Briana is not only talented, but also profoundly gifted.  We’ve had several energy sessions, and in a few short hours she has helped shift energy that’s been stuck or stifled, to open up the channels for greater clarity, flow, and abundance in my life.

In just a few weeks, I’ve already noticed shifts in my outlook around things that have previously been challenging, as well as much greater clarity where I was previously feeling stuck and confused.  This work feels like the fast track to everything I desire that is meant to be in my life anyways – it’s that powerful.

– Nisha Moodley

Working with Briana has narrowed my focus while expanding my creativity and capacity to imagine. That is the work that Briana does — clearing the path for your best and brightest work by tuning in to your energy.

Her ability to see what is blocking and stopping my energy has been a powerful force in my life.

The sacred space Briana creates by tuning in to your own wisdom and energy is transformative in its clarity.

– Kimberly Pendleton

I met Briana over 15 years ago at a critical time in my personal and spiritual journey. I was out of balance – working too hard – and feeling sad and disconnected. I had “achieved” much by western/business standards – yet I still felt like something was missing.

That was until I met Briana. Her intuition and calm and loving demeanor was able to settle my egoic mind and allow me to become open and vulnerable (the first step to real healing). Briana was able to “see me” and really deeply and truly look into my soul and life and offer concrete, clear, actionable steps and practices to help me.

Briana blends and balances the esoteric art of “downloading” and working with spirit along with the more tangible work of a modern day western coach to work magic.

She has a loving and caring energy that can help guide even the busiest and those that are searching on a path of wisdom, health, centered self and contentment.  She has been a life saver and life improver for me and I strongly recommend Briana as a wonderful and powerful, mentor, coach and guide.

– David Howitt

The work I’ve done with Briana was the beginning of energy work for me, I didn’t even know the term, I didn’t know what it was. And when we started doing it, it was so beautiful. Aside from the effects, the coming together, the being together with people that wanted to show up in the world with love was incredible.

My life changed in every way. So many things have shifted, that I didn’t know needed to be shifted.  The biggest thing is that my relationships are different – not because other people changed, but because my perspective shifted and I show up differently. And as a result I get differently things back.  My relationships have become 100% better.

– Kay Stewart Douglas

After sessions with Briana I feel incredibly expansive and energized. It’s the perfect combination of energetic clearing and healing with practical steps I could take afterward to reap the rewards of the energy work in my actual business and life.

We made some clear shifts in the way our company was structured based on the insights I got during the session and I feel so much more peaceful and productive as a result.

– Kate Northrup

Your confidence is Holy. Honor it. Be devoted to it.

Yes! I’m in!