Want to create a meaningful and sacred life?
This is it.

You know it’s possible, deep in your being, to have a spiritual and connected experience living – but the way forward feels unclear or just out of reach

The narrative of the majority of the world says . . .

…we’re small and powerless,
…we’re at the mercy of a chaotic and unpredictable world,
…happiness is a matter of being lucky enough to acquire the things that “make” people happy,
…if God is real, he or she is minimally involved in our lives, and tangible experiences of Spirit are few and far between.

But you know better. You can feel it.
There’s something more.

If you came to the earth for magic, then watch this now.

We’ve forgotten.

We’ve forgotten that we’re connected to all the people and animals we share the planet with.

We’ve forgotten that we’re connected to the Earth.

We’ve forgotten that we’re connected to the Divine.

And we’ve forgotten that we’re connected to ourselves – to our own Inner Truth.

The belief that we’re disconnected is our core wound. It’s the source of so much fear and loneliness, so much misguided searching, so much consumption and acquisition, and so much insecurity

And yet … the wound isn’t real.

You’ve never actually been disconnected.

There’s another dimension to life as a human.

Beyond the hustle and to-do lists, beyond the shallow interactions and the striving, beyond the false narratives that keep us scared and small, beyond the tension and anxiety . . .

It’s an experience of life lived as an embodied prayer, knowing that you are an expression of the Divine manifest.

And we get there not by trying to transcend this experience HERE, but by diving into the flow of energy UNDER the surface.

It’s where we tap into true power
It’s where we experience freedom
It’s where we connect into Divine truth and wisdom

It’s the spiritual and energetic foundation for living as lighthearted, grounded leaders – contributing to a new world as we lean into the emergent field of creation.

Being in the energy is what changes us.

Love Rising is a stabilized and expansive energetic field that holds the energy of each person in the Collective in love.

As we remember our connection it’s like opening a portal to the life we’re meant for.

I don’t believe you should accept anyone else’s experience as truth, especially when it comes to spirituality. 

Direct revelation is the most potent avenue of spiritual inquiry . . . what does YOUR EXPERIENCE tell you is true?

Removing the the barriers and blockages to experiencing truth – to experiencing your deep intuition and guidance –  is the most vital quest.

I’m here to hold you and guide you and open up the space for you to look in and bring your full curiosity where we normally wiggle away when we’re on our own. It’s not about telling you what X means for you, it’s about supporting you, standing next to you, and creating the space where you can tune in to your heart, to your soul, to the experience of love that courses through your being and come to the understand what’s here for you. 

If you find yourself living life based on your old structures, beliefs, and patterns that aren’t serving you (but that you’ll defend until you question them)

. . . it’s vital to look at what’s there – what’s in the way of a meaningful and sacred life for you, and expose every piece to the light of love without shaming or judging it

Not escaping or transcending but instead elevating and embodying the energy on this earthly plane.

Love Rising holds the container for you to do this inquiry, to reveal all the pieces, and to be held in an abundant field of love.

Love Rising Collective is …

. . . a course that will help you witness and release what’s holding you back from living your fully expressed potential in 90 days, opening you up at a cellular level
so you experience yourself anew.

. . . a medicine field specifically created for you to connect to universal wisdom for guidance to deeply understanding ourselves so you can make decisions that support your
life and the world.

. . . a sacred space and energy work created for your healing that helps remove blockages or energy patterns that stop you from being a clear conduit of love.

 . . . a guided community designed to help you remember your connection to yourself, to others, to the Divine,
and to the Earth.


In Love Rising you’ll:

  • Receive guidance and energetic clarity so you can move in the world from a place of freedom – unrestricted – as your full, powerful self
  • Learn to come into your body as a resource of wisdom in your life
  • Experience deep internal connection so you can be guided by your intuition
  • Expand your consciousness in a profound and sustained way
  • Belong in a community of incredible humans on a spiritual path with you
  • Learn to stay in your center and power while experiencing challenges
  • Elevate your relationships by consciously connecting and communicating with the people in your life

I hold the space of the collective and offer energy work for removing blocks and untangling patterns that restrict you –  and you’re a sovereign being so . . . you must bring yourself into it fully willing and in doing so you’ll learn how to be more and more open . . .

you’ll find places where you’ve been closed . . .
you’ll find places where you haven’t been curious . . .

you’ll find places that you’ve shut down or numbed out . . .
. . . and it’s all welcome here.

We’re not here to be perfect – we’re here to be curious and create ourselves as conduits of love so that we may bring this energy into the world to create more
peace and freedom for all beings.

This is a sacred collective.
A sacred course.

A sacred reunion with ourselves . . .
with each other . . .
with the planet . . .
and with the Divine.

It’s sacred and is held in such wholly reverence by me and by everyone in the group that we create a field that’s amplified every time we tune in, every time we bring our awareness into the field with clarity.

We do this with love and intention and it builds and builds and builds creating a powerful force that courses through us
as individuals and as a collective.


What   Love Rising Includes:

– A powerful 13 week course on creating a sacred and meaningful life

– Two times a month Spirit Guidance calls*

– Two times a month Integration Group Coaching*

– One time a month Sacred Community Circle*

– All intensives, activation sessions and portals that occur while you’re a member **

– A library of past sessions you can dive into anytime

– An incredible community of amazing human beings

*Absolute delight and results do not require that you attend all
of these gatherings – they’re all just beautiful options for you.
**This does not include Masterclasses or Mini-retreats

Love Rising Course

The most incredible online experience to awaken your divine consciousness. It’s a spiritual path, an energetic guide, and the way to freedom.

It will help you understand what’s going on when you hit up against blocks – so you can open yourself and become who you’re meant to be and in that becoming we awaken.

Break free of what’s holding you back from living your fully expressed potential in 90 days

Each lesson of the course includes transmission, transformation and embodiment through practice. This isn’t a course just aimed at giving you more information, it’s opening you up at a cellular level so you experience yourself anew.

Click HERE for the modules included.

Spirit Guidance Calls

In the spirit guidance calls I tune into the energy of the collective to see what’s here for us and listen to my guides, to your guides, and tap into the Universal energy to receive for us what we need in this moment so we can lean into the emergent field and co-create with the Universe what is next for us. 

Then I take us on a journey to our sacred places in the Universe to remember our own unique path as we connect in.

And then we go on an energetic healing journey for our highest unfolding.

>>>These calls are recorded, and available to listen to as often as you’d like inside your member portal.<<<

Integration Calls

In our Integration calls we come together as a group to receive coaching to integrate what we’re experiencing energetically and spiritually into our lives.

So we can be living embodiments of freedom, love, and expanded awareness. 

We shift the fundamental nature of our lives and we do this through integration.

>>>>These calls are recorded, and available to listen to as often as you’d like inside your member portal.<<<<<

Sacred Community Circles

In our sacred community circles we gather together so that you can meet your fellow Love Rising members and share your heart. 

The opportunity to being witnessed and witnessing others in this way is among the most beautiful experiences of our lives. We listen while others share what’s on their heart and we share what’s on ours in a space without judgment or distraction.

Community = medicine

>>>These calls are held on Zoom and are not recorded – as the benefit comes from showing up and participating live. And, of course, it’s not required that you come – but we’d love to have you.<<<<

All Intensives, Activations, and Portals

Throughout the year as I’m nudged by the Universe I create opportunities to dive into portals for our growth and evolution. These range from intensives that are a few hours in one day to experiences that span several days. 

As a Love Rising member you’ll receive access to all of these events (normally $108 – $297.)

An Incredible Community

Our vibrant and thriving community is the most incredible and supportive experience. It’s been incredible to witness the connections that come through these connections.

If you want to connect with other ambitious, spiritual, devoted humans that care about the world and are ready to live their fullest potential out in the world – this is the place.

Love Rising Modules

Week 1
Origins of Constriction: explore and witness the roots of your contraction

We start our program by learning not just where this constriction comes from but how to heal it from a place of love and care for yourself. With intentional awareness and energy work you’ll start to loosen the bondage of constriction. 

Letting go so a new way can begin.

Week 2
Rewild Yourself: release the paradigm of domination and control

After we identify the constriction we start to see how it seeps into every aspect of your life, how you’ve been controlled, how you seek to control, how you’ve played small, minimized your dreams, and been stopped from expressing your fullest self. 

Then we move into a process of rewilding ourselves, to allow our sensual and desirous self out to play.

Week 3
Honor the Vessel: create strong, healthy containers for your life

The vessels in our lives – from our schedule, to our bodies, to our practices are what provide the structure that holds all the magic. When the vessel is weak, untended, rigid, or tight it makes it impossible to expand further. So this week you’ll learn to see the truth of what’s going on with your structures and start to create strength and flexibility so they can hold more and more energy.

Week 4
Sacred Rebel: breaking out of the box

You’ll awaken your inner archetype of the sacred rebel to move past conscious and unconscious limitations. It’s with this powerful energy that you’ll start to peek through the veil and ignite a passion for what’s on the other side.

Week 5
The Infinite Now: ground into the Eternal

This is the first step in exploring the spiritual depths of your soul. Learning to be here, now, present and also reaching into the ethers and co-creating with the Universe a new reality for yourself,  and for the world.  

We start to open up the potential that’s in this moment, now and now and now.

Week 6
Light Hearted: step into cosmic play

There is a sacred, secret ingredient that works to create our manifestations and awaken our true self.  Our guides bring this to us again and again and now is that time that you will fully embrace it’s magic so you can live the life you’ve always envisioned.

Week 7
You are a Healer: reawaken this magical energy

This week you’ll learn how to start to feel into your energy field and bring healing to yourself. We’ll dive into the five powerful steps of this process and practice them together so you have the confidence to start to play with this healing magic you contain!

Week 8
Inner Little One: a deep, soulful healing for the ages

We all arrived to Earth on a cosmic ride to experience life, and the early years were just hella confusing, and we made up a lot, and we didn’t understand, and we did our best.  And our best then, and our best now are different.

This lesson is a deep healing for that little one, to rewire from then to now so we can live free.

Week 9
Devoted Love: center the Divine in your life

After so much healing and empowering of our energy in the program it’s time to fall head over heals in love with the Universe, a deeper level of devotion, reverence, and tenderness for our awakening is going to be brought out through this lesson.

You’ll create your morning practice to support you in this new way of being that will bring more support, energy, and love into your life than you can imagine.

Week 10
Animated by the Divine: touched by the sacred

Together we’ll explore how we consciously experience merging with the Universe to co-create the world as we know it. To start to live from a place of love, as love, for love in all ways and in all areas of your life.

This may feel like a fairy tale when you read about it now, but I tell you, this is what we’re here for.

Week 11
The Unseen: be guided by forces of love

After devoting yourself to love and being animated by love, now you’ll learn how to tap into the wisdom to guide your life from the unseen realms.  Working with your spirit guides and Divine wisdom you’ll never be without a flawless navigation system.

And you’ll learn how to understand what you’re experiencing so you can bridge the unseen into your tangible life.

Week 12
Open to the Mystery: move beyond what you thought was possible

There are mystic truths that our linear minds find very hard to grasp and so we avoid sinking into them, afraid we will get lost. This week you will lean into these multi-dimensional realities and play there, not so you can make them make sense, but so you can learn to live in a way that is so incredible it makes no sense at all.

Week 13
Arising as the Mystic: a visionary of love

On a path of transformation there is no ending, only becoming.

Our last week together will be one of clearly dedicating our lives to these paths of creation and contribution toward a world we want for ourselves, and for each other.

Love Rising is the most powerful, thorough and transformational online program to awaken your Divine Consciousness for folks that are committed to creating a new way for themselves, their families, their work,
and the world.

It’s for ambitious, spiritual people that give a shit to truly live their fullest potential.

This new way means not settling, not shrinking, not forgetting the truth of our nature, and bringing all of this energy through us from the depths of our being into our actions and words.

Your Journey of Freedom and Expansion Starts Now

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Stardust Annual Membership*

One Payment


*A portion of your membership is an offering to support the Sierra Club Foundation.


Stardust Annual Membership*

12 Monthly Payments


*A portion of your membership is an offering to support the Sierra Club Foundation.


I have no doubt that if you’re here
this is for you. 

You may think now is not the time, you may decide you’re not ready, but there’s no way your heart would be pulling at you to come deeper, to experience life more fully (even if it feels like a stretch) if you weren’t meant to be here.

The truth is you’re not broken or bad.
There’s nothing to fix.
Our work here is just to come back to connection.

I trust you so fully.
I see you so clearly.
I believe in your power.

. . .  and I cannot wait to walk on this journey with you

It’s a love fest. This is what our
community has to say about Love Rising.

Watch these videos to hear what they have say.

A Spiritual Community that Gets You

There’s always room for you and your wisdom. You don’t have to be anything but yourself here.

Deeper Connection to Your Inner Wisdom

Connect into your deep inner wisdom to experience true confidence, clarity, and faith in your ability to see the next right step for your life.

Clarity on Your Purpose

No more wondering what it’s all for or if there’s a bigger plan for you. Develop a deeper connection to your truth. Let your highest potential unfold and live this life with no regrets.

Authentic Relationship with the Divine

Whatever you call it – God/dess, the Divine, Spirit, Nature – you’ll create an embodied connection to Source that feels right for you, that doesn’t need to be tied to religion, and will become a relationship that can deeply nourish you your whole life long.

Access to Ever-Replenishing Energy

Tap into an inexhaustible energy supply for the things you need to do, AND want to do. Learn to lean into the community and energy that are ever present and here to support you.

Power, Potential and Peace

Connecting to the Truth of who we really are beyond the exhausting layers of human worries and insecurities, means connecting to our true power and potential – and peace arises from living in this alignment.


I'm so busy, I'm worried I won't have the time.

One of the magic things about Love Rising is that in doing the work  you’ll start to prioritize what’s really important to you, and life will become more and more spacious.

Like the Zen proverb says “If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour everyday, you should meditate for two hours.

Meditation sounds great, but what's up with this energy work stuff.

Oooh . . . I can’t wait for your to experience it – it’s going to blow your mind.

I’ve been doing energy in some form for over twenty years, and in doing so I’ve been honored with the ability to do group energy work where we’re given guidance as to what needs to happen and I use energetic surgery, weaving, and reconfiguration to support the collective in their healing and expansion.

What if I get behind?

The great thing is that there is no “behind” – we work in the present moment and that’s always where you are, so even if you miss a couple weeks you can just come right back into the fold without skipping a beat. 

(And all of the recordings from that time will be available to you too *if* you desire to participate in them)

I'd love to do this, but I can't afford it.

First, I know it can be hard to prioritize your spiritual life and deep healing – but investing money in it is a great way to show yourself and the Universe that you’re committed.

AND, if you really just don’t have the money, there are limited scholarships available – reach out to find out more. And then use the work in the Collective to help create more stability and abundance in your finances.

What is your cancellation policy?

If within your first 30 days, you decide Love Rising is not for you, you may cancel with no further payment due. If you choose the Annual Plan and you cancel during this period, you’ll be eligible for a partial refund (your annual fee minus one month of membership at $127/mo and the cost of any Intensives or Activations you participated in during your first month). Otherwise, all membership fees are non-refundable. To cancel, you must contact us by email at info@brianaborten.com at least 3 business days prior to your monthly payment date.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. Your membership will automatically renew for another year on your joining date with the same payment plan you are on at this time (yearly or monthly). If you do not wish to renew, please contact info@brianaborten.com at least 10 business days before your renewal date to cancel.

During the guided meditation and energy work last night I went deeper than I ever have in offering up to the flame. I didn’t just find my seat, I CLAIMED it. And when I did I heard my heart SING out loud: I WANT!! I’ve been blocked in my Dreambook & Planner when asking myself “what do you want out of life?” But last night I understood it was because I’ve been asking my brain, not my heart. Desire feels gooooood when it’s coming from the heart. Today I’ve revisited the magnetizing meditation again as I know in every one of my 60 trillion cells (give or take) that big shit is about to happen. I am open and listening and receptive. I woke up this morning and Robert said “Whoa! You feel better, don’t you?!” My energy is radiant. I’m ready!

– Julie Spring

Oh my goodness, I watched Week 2 last night. I just cannot even handle how much wisdom and insight Briana is giving us with these lessons! I’m just sitting there watching the whole time with my mouth hanging open, whispering “oh shit!” to myself as she drops all this goodness. And she made us a playlist, folks!!! What?!!!

– Melissa Knorr

I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade which means I am very analytical minded and never took the opportunity to tune into my energy or the energy of the world around me. Joining this group felt like something I had to do for me after seeing Brianas video about balancing entrepreneurship and a family. I don’t know how else to describe it, I was drawn to it. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made as a wife, a mother and a small business owner. This group has opened my eyes to coping mechanisms and a world of opportunities I hadn’t imagined. I am in happy tears after almost every integration session. I can’t thank you enough Briana. My husband has even said he has noticed such a difference in me. From the bottom of my heart thank you. I hope one day we can meet in person so I can give you a huge thank you hug.

– Renee Glendenning

I feel like I’ve woken up to a world full of truth, light, love & abundance. It’s so funny to think I had been concerned about ‘having enough’ for myself and my family – like energy, love, light, and joy were something separate from us – a limited resource!

Thanks to Love Rising I feel like I finally understand that we ARE enough.

We ARE the energy, love, light & joy, so of course there’s enough! It’s just a matter of looking for it and knowing it’s there. I am so SO grateful to Briana and to the collective for helping bring about this understanding for me.

-Anne Bauer

I just cannot tell you Briana, how much I love and appreciate you and the loving support of this group. This collective is the most wonderful family and I am so grateful. Thank you all for everything.

-Danielle Beaulieu

I’ve experimented with different types of energy work over the years and it was immediately clear Briana offers something unique. She’s gentle, perceptive, and easy to work with, and at the same time, incredibly strong and powerful! I was blown away by her insights and how great I felt afterwards. She’s a gifted healer and I feel so lucky to be able to work with her!

-Liz Long

Just got off a Love Rising integration/coaching call with Briana Borten. She explained how to navigate contraction after expansion, in response to an inquiry of mine. It’s really great to get real time advice and words of encouragement as you are walking your path. Highly recommend Love Rising, for those who may be interested! So great to have an opportunity to connect on so many levels several times a month. Really lovely community as well!

-April Eileen

If not for this group I don’t believe I would be where I am today. I was finally ready and all of you were here waiting to love and receive me.


Briana is able to “see me” and really deeply and truly look into my soul and life and offer concrete, clear, actionable steps and practices to help me. Briana blends and balances the esoteric art of “downloading” and working with spirit along with the more tangible work of a modern day western coach to work magic. Briana has a loving and caring energy that can help guide even the busiest and those that are searching on a path of wisdom, health, centered self and contentment. She has been a life saver and life improver for me and I strongly recommend Briana as a wonderful and powerful, mentor, coach and guide.

-David Howitt

I don’t usually write about my experiences, but this was a most beautiful gathering….The love and warmth of connection in this collective is so strong.

-Daphne Murphy

Love Rising is a great way to get energy work from the lovely Briana Borten on a regular basis. Such a great experience, and highly recommended!!

-Jen Mantle

Here’s what you get when you enroll today:

  • The Love Rising 13-week course (value $1800)
  • Two times a month we gather for amazing energetic journey meditations in our Spirit Guidance calls. (value $400/mo)
  • Two times a month we have time for transformation group coaching in our Integration calls. (value $400/mo)
  • Monthly we come together for Sacred Community Circles to deepen our connection with each other. (value $108/mo)
  • Three or more Activation Intensives online per year. (value $891+)
  • Free attendance to all paid 3 and 5 day online Intensives. (value $432+)
  • We also gather in our private online community to support and witness each other. (priceless)

It’s a value of $1168/month for just $127/month.

If you’re committed, and your heart is singing “YES! This is what I want in my life!” then join our
Love Rising community.

Enroll now

I’m Briana Borten and my gift to the world is a fully awakened YOU. (and ps. A fully awakened me). I’m passionate about helping people connect deeply to themselves, to each other, to the Divine, and to the Earth. I believe this is the way of our greatest healing individually and collectively.

I work with leaders doing spiritual mentorship and energy work for your life and your business so you can plug in and feel the awakening that’s possible for you in this body. In this life. So you can expand your consciousness and be fully here, fully human, experiencing the Divine through your actions, your words, your creations, your contributions, and your relationships.

I have a gift for seeing/sensing/feeling deep truth and articulating it for my clients. However, I’m humbly aware that I am a limited being in a human body so my point of view is, of course, that as well – so I rely on the expanded view graced to us to help myself, my friends, my clients, and you navigate toward peace and freedom, again and again.

Let’s catalyze your growth through intentional community, conversations, and ceremony.

Devotional Love,


I got very sick just over a year ago, and in the wake of my illness I found myself searching, though at the time I didn’t know for what. I’m still learning to trust my intuition, but finding Briana immediately felt like coming home. It’s hard to explain the ways that my life has changed since joining the Love Rising community. And I use that word intentionally – community – because that is exactly what it is. Briana has created this container, she fosters it and all of us who hold space there, she imbues it with magic and unconditional love. I have spent most of my 40 years being fearful. As I got older, the anxiety, the worry, seeped into the cracks within every aspect of my life. When I joined this community I was looking for a reprieve…to learn to live with my fear symbiotically, to spend the next 40 years doing just a little bit better. I dreamed so much smaller back then, because I did not yet know that I could dream any bigger than that. I went in looking for reprieve, but what I found was freedom. I’ll be forever grateful to and for Briana. For her presence in my life, and for her presence in the world. I truly believe that the love she holds in her heart for all things does and will continue to radically change this place. I know it has changed me.

Lisa George

Up until now I never really thought that the “healers” I worked with had any better access to source energy than I do. An indication of the lack of trust I carried for a long time and also my really loud inner skeptic. I am completely trusting of Briana and excited to be opening more and more.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster

I was working on the Sacred Rebel lesson Tuesday, and saved the exercise for yesterday morning during the full moon. What an incredible releasing exercise! The boxes of self worth and people pleasing showed up (among many others), and I’m working my way through the journal prompts to really start to see how and why I perpetuate the boxes. What I love is how all of this was woven together – just the right things at just the right moments. So grateful for the course and this collective. 💖

Tonya Hanshew

Just completed Week 8 Inner Little One. So much healing took place for me in this lesson, as I felt how little I’ve paid attention to the needs/wants/desires of my Inner Child. Listening to her, honoring her, and making a commitment to embrace, nurture, and care for her going forward released so much of my fear! I had no idea how much of my fear was generated by my neglected and frantic Inner Little One. The meditations are so powerful in this Lesson, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to engage and embrace both my Inner Little One and my Inner Authority. Truly transformative!

Bridgit Colleran

Feel your deep yes to your soul

. . . and experience the Divine Pleasure in anchoring into your awakened self with the power of your payment prayer.