Are you ready to play
in a state of abundance?


The divine consciousness
That lives through us
Wants us
To revel
In the experience

of abundance

How often do you feel…

“I have everything I need. I’m always taken care of” ?
Not a majority of the time?

Well, at least you’re in good company.

Scarcity consciousness is an old, deep program.

It’s as old as humanity and our deepest fears are wrapped up in it.

  • It undermines your ability to trust and expand.
  • It makes you feel small and vulnerable.
  • Your life becomes all about getting more or not losing what you have.

In such a state, there’s little chance of growing into the exceptional life you were born to live.

If this sounds like you, it’s understandable – and it’s not 
your fault.

You inherited it. And you can let it go.

Humans have a long history of uncertainty.


We’ve lived through hunger, poverty, loneliness, violence, social rejection, spiritual disconnection, poor health, aging. . . It has taught us to be hypervigilant about running out of resources – i.e., running out of life and what makes life good.

But the result of being wired for scarcity is an untrusting relationship with life that degrades our precious time here.

“Never enough” comes in many forms. You may feel scarcity around money, food, love, attention, energy, beauty, approval, safety, vitality or anything else that helps you feel alive and comfortable.

Scarcity consciousness can be tricky to clear because it activates your survival mechanisms. This animalistic part of your nervous system is designed to override everything else.

When you’re in survival mode, you tend to close your heart. You cling to things that help you feel safer, but no outside factor will fully resolve the internal insecurity.

It’s the opposite of a life guided by love and trust.

I’m here to…

Speak to that part of your heart that has maintained a link to your inner truth.
It’s my honor to empower that inner knowing, to awaken it, to call it forward so it can beging to guide you.

Investing in yourself is a sacred act.


If you’re like many of my clients, maybe you feel like,

“Can I just not go there?”

I get it. It’s DEEP. It seems scary. It feels yucky.

But as long as you try to cover up that never enough feeling, you’re not getting to the root.

Clearing away the inherited fear and untrue beliefs opens you to a quality of abundance that doesn’t feel like clutching, grasping, or chasing.

It’s a lot like turning on the light in a dark room full of monster-looking things.

Over and over you discover, “This was nothing to be afraid of!”

As each belief and story is released, your nervous system gets more relaxed and your survival mechanisms turn off.

The resulting sense of EASE is what differentiates abundance consciousness from simply acquiring a lot of money or stuff to make yourself feel secure.

When scarcity consciousness disappears, a massive drain of energy is finally closed and healed. All the attention and resources invested in managing this unsettled feeling are now available to you.

With a stable foundation

  • You’ll grow in ways you couldn’t have imagined.
  • You’ll develop your gifts.
  • You’ll be generous without feeling compromised.
  • You’ll be honest with yourself and others without fear.
  • And you’ll revel in life’s gifts without feeling clingy or fearful of loss.

Your version of abundance may look like an abundance of energy, an abundance of freedom, an abundance of money, an abundance of time, an abundance of play, and an abundance of love.

If you’re ready for powerful guidance from someone who has led many others through this process (and also enjoys a wonderfully abundant life!), sign up now for my Unlocking Abundance Activation Intensive.

I’m Briana Borten,

And I’m a leader & teacher in a new category of spirituality, one that focuses on how our connections to our souls, each other, and the earth are the solution to literally all of our problems.

I see, understand, and can tap into the web of the universe – the unseen energetic field through which we (our human souls, our bodies, and everything on the earth) are all connected.

Humans have lost our awareness of that connection and thus, our place in that web.

I believe if we can reconnect with that intelligence, the problems in our individual lives, as well as our problems as a species (politically, globally, and environmentally) can be solved.

Working with Briana…

has changed the way I live my life. I’ve gotten so much perspective, leading me to see that life is just life – it ebbs and flows with it’s changes, which has led me to understanding I don’t need to change my life circumstances as much as change the lens from which life is viewed.
I’ve learned to feel into challenges, and take a more spacious and expansive approach.
I now know where to go: the answers to who am I? Who do I want to be? How do I want to show up? Turn inside.
Briana is great at what she does. She’s insightful and intuitive and compassionate.