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“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring that what is within out into the world, miracles happen.” – Henry David Thoreau

You have a treasure within you… Whether you know it or not you’re looking for it, digging for it, yearning to discover this aspect of you to come through. It’s your own unique spark of divinity. This is what I call ‘essence’. It’s the expression of your inherent gift that the world needs. Many people don’t believe they have it or know how to find it …but I can guide you to your hidden treasure.

Do you feel like there is something more for you? That maybe you are only expressing part of who you really are?  

When we connect to our essence, life unfolds in beautiful ways…

♡ We find a new sense of freedom and trust that life is always happening for us, a sense of ease and effortlessness when we’re in the flow.

♡ Relationships become an opportunity for growth and reflection versus discord.

♡ Renewed vitality and health when emotional and spiritual blockages are no longer obstructing your energy.

♡ An awakening ability to access your connection to a richer spiritual life.

♡ Becoming more adaptable. No longer feeling that sanity, stability and feelings are at the whims of circumstances.

♡ Connection to feeling worthy of your own love.

♡ Your actions are an expression of your essence and you live your truth, creating more harmony, happiness and peace.

I have been on a journey for the past year and a half trying to find my place for the 2nd half of my life. Finding the Dreambook and Planner and the 108 Days were so thrilling and I loved the Dreamers and Planners course and am starting it again. This, however, this above all else has changed my life. I have been open to new experiences, and based on the books and courses listed above knew it would be good, I just had no idea. I felt myself really opening up and becoming light and free. I go back to those places when I need to let go of resistance, resentment or stress. They have become my places; the river, and the fire.

I go outside and look at the stars at night and feel connection to everyone who was there, even now that the course is done. You have such an amazing gift that works even across time. I live very remotely and sometimes at night our connections are not great so I would need to listen to the call later and, honestly, I don’t think there was a loss of connection to you or the group at all. I felt so connected, in fact, I felt like I truly belonged there and felt a longing to go back. The last call was just spectacular, it truly was. I can pinpoint the exact moment when I felt connected and it was like I was set free and just became part of the Universe. I felt such love for everything and everyone. I had been struggling with resentment toward a long term house guest and because of this Love Rising Collective, I have looked at the situation from a place of love and have let go of the resentment which has given me such peace! As soon as I receive the email for the next part of the journey, the 3 month program, I am signing up because this is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences I have ever had! I cannot thank you enough!” Shawna Elston | Love Rising Client Shawna Elston

Love Rising Client & Dragontree Illuminator

I’m quite surprised by the turn my work & passion has taken.

Until a year ago I was focused on being a certain kind of entrepreneur. I was deep in comparison pain and my ego was all wrapped up in a messy, tangled knot with being over-identified to this mold I was trying to fit into.

I was feeling a deep sense of soul weariness and sadness that was out of character for me. Something was out of alignment in my life but I wasn’t sure what it was. I was on track for either a breakdown or a breakthrough. I decided to dive deep and opt for the breakthrough.

I meditated, wrote in my journal, listened and learned from trusted teachers, and paid attention to the part of my soul that felt uncomfortable. I got support from friends and family, telling them what was coming through even when I thought it was crazy or weird. All the feedback I received told me I was onto something that I needed to pursue.

5 of our founding Love Rising members compare matching tattoos at a meetup in Boulder, Colorado

I began getting strong intuitive impressions about what was blocking people and I was being guided to a unique system of unblocking those challenges through energy work. I know it sounds out there, it seemed wild even to me. I have never resonated with the mystical, esoteric impressions of “Energy Healers”. I’m a very practical skeptic. But this was something I felt absolutely compelled to do.

So I began sitting with anyone I could wrangle into participating, either on the phone or in person, and asked them about where they were feeling stuck or frustrated. I listened and found that I had this incredible connection available to me. The feedback and results I was hearing from my clients was profound and humbling.  

When I sit with people either individually or in a group we work together to clear away the energetic and psychological debris obscuring the next best step forward on the road to your fullest potential.  

We connect to your essence which enables you to experience life with an unshakeable security that you can handle whatever comes your way with more grace, ease and success.

So what is Love Rising?

If you’ve ever witnessed a person in a state of flow doing what they love, they glow. We’re inspired and illuminated by their gift. It makes the experience of being human more beautiful.  

We all have this potential. This is your essence.  

To get in touch with your essence it’s helpful to have someone there to remind you “why you are here”, to be there with you and give you encouragement. I’ll help you and hold you accountable to the work. I’ll be there to guide you to who you really are past the resistance and noise of the over-protective ego. 

I have a gift for tapping into a deep spiritual connection in a very tangible, experiential way. I have my feet firmly planted on the ground and I’m passionate about helping people discover and live their divine purpose in a real and practical way.  

In the Love Rising Collective, we’ll gather in a group to get in touch with our true Selves, in touch with our essence. As a group, we’ll amplify this connection and get clear on the next step forward, along the way resolving obstacles and challenges blocking our ability to receive.  

During our phone sessions, I’ll guide you into a meditative state where we’ll energetically attune the group to journey together. Everyone will be doing work for the collective of the group and the larger collective, as well as for themselves, clearing away whatever comes up that’s distracting us from our connection.

When we align with our essence it flows out through our actions and into our life to work in powerful ways for our greatest potential.  

Together we’ll find your seat in the web of the universe. I see it as a gold, shiny seat in a cosmic web. When one person takes their seat it lights up and illuminates the way for others to find their seat as well. 

“I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade which means I am very analytical minded and never took the opportunity to tune into my energy or the energy of the world around me. Joining this group felt like something I had to do for me after seeing Brianas video about balancing entrepreneurship and a family. I don’t know how else to describe it, I was drawn to it. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made as a wife, a mother and a small business owner. This group has opened my eyes to coping mechanisms and a world of opportunities I hadn’t imagined. I am in happy tears after almost every integration session. I can’t thank you enough Briana. My husband has even said he has noticed such a difference in me. From the bottom of my heart thank you. I hope one day we can meet in person so I can give you a huge thank you hug”

Renee Glendenning

Mechanical Engineer and Love Rising Client

Group Energy Work

There was a time when the idea of ‘group energy work’ sounded bizarre and too intangible to be really helpful. I’ve had many experiences and results to feel confident in the usefulness and subtle power of this particular work.

In these uncertain times when there is a pervasive sense of powerlessness, the combination of community and guided support is just the antidote we need.

Here’s How It Works

We’ll gather together four times a month: Two one hour sessions via voice (phone or zoom) to do group energy work,  and two video Integration Session where I can address questions.

It’s set up as a monthly membership so you can get ongoing support as you need it and be part of this amazing community that continues to grow.If you can’t make it live, no problem. You’ll be able to access the recorded calls anytime through your membership. And the magic of energy work is that you’re still connected to the energy work even if you don’t show up at the same time.

Here is the schedule for Love Rising for November/December/January

Energy Call: November 1 at 5pm pacific
Integration Session: November 6 at 12pm pacific

Energy Call: November 15 at 5pm pacific
Integration Session: November 20 at 12pm pacific

Energy Call: November 29 at 5pm pacific
Integration Session: December 4 at 12pm pacific

Energy Call: December 13 at 5pm pacific
Integration Session: December 18 at 12pm pacific

Energy Call: January 3 at 5pm pacific
Integration Session: January 8 at 12pm pacific

Energy Call: January 17 at 5pm pacific
Integration Session: January 22 at 12pm pacific

Additional 2019 Sessions date and time TBD


Who is Love Rising for?

New To The Woo

New To The Woo

If you feel called to go deeper into your spiritual practice, but don’t know where to start, the Love Rising Collective will take you there and be a space for your soul inquiry and work.

Are you curious about “energy work” but maybe a little skeptical that this is real, or that it can work over the phone or in recordings? Are you open to spiritual practices, but this seems a little “out there”? You’re not alone, and we welcome your questioning spirit! As with so many things, experiencing leads to believing. 

Light Warrior

Light Warrior

Are you an experienced, enthusiastic, and devoted light warrior, ready to take your energy and love into the world? Do you look around you and see a tremendous need for love and healing, and want to do your part?

I’m here to help you remove and unravel any patterns or blocks that stop you from bringing your light fully into the world.


Seeking Connection and Community

Seeking Connection and Community

Are you feeling isolated and alone, separated from the heart-led and spiritual community you crave? Do you love your friends and family, but they simply don’t “get you” or aren’t willing to have the deep, raw, and curious conversations that are necessary to come back home to ourselves?

The Love Rising Collective is a tight-knit, loving, and inclusive group. We have deep, meaningful, and REAL conversations that fill the soul. 


Alexi Panos | Thought leader in the Emergent Wisdom Movement |

So, how much is the investment

Enrollment in The Love Rising collective requires a $47 monthly contribution. You will be automatically billed every month while you remain in the collective. You’re welcome to stay as long as you desire and cancel at any time. 

Benefits to Group Energy Work

♡ With a group setting you can share experiences and resources. You can have real conversations here that you might not feel comfortable sharing with your community.

♡ Things that might come up for the group as a whole may be areas that need attention in your life that you wouldn’t have otherwise recognized was an area for improvement.

♡ And there is, of course, the lower financial commitment. $47 a month for 2 sessions vs. $397 for a one hour individual energy session.

Enroll in Love Rising

Space is limited, so sign up now to become a part of this profound experience and supportive community.  

Even if you can’t see that treasure waiting inside you through the layers of worry and the fog of daily life, it’s there, ready for you to embody your potential and innate brilliance.  

The world needs you to come out and shine.  

Let me guide the way.

Enrollment in The Love Rising collective requires a $47 monthly contribution. You will be automatically billed every month  while you remain in the collective. You’re welcome to stay as long as you desire, or cancel at any time.


If you have questions about Love Rising Collection, I want to know.  Please email me using the form below,  and I (or a member of my team) will get back to you right away.