You want a spiritual, connected life? 

This is it.  

Even though you have a sense of what’s possible – a calling to help awaken the world to its own light – if you’re like most people, there seem to be some hurdles in the way. 

Nearly everyone you’ve interacted with has conveyed through their words and behavior that…

…we’re small and powerless,

we’re at the mercy of a chaotic and unpredictable world,

happiness is a matter of being lucky enough to acquire the things that “make” people happy, 

if God is real, he or she is minimally involved in our lives, and tangible experiences of Spirit are few and far between. 

That’s some deep and unfortunate programming to overcome! 

Nearly everyone you’ve interacted with has conveyed through their words and behavior that…

…we’re small and powerless,

we’re at the mercy of a chaotic and unpredictable world,

happiness is a matter of being lucky enough to acquire the things that “make” people happy, 

if God is real, he or she is minimally involved in our lives, and tangible experiences of Spirit are few and far between. 

That’s some deep and unfortunate programming to overcome! 

If there’s a voice in you that says, “No! I don’t believe it. I came here for magic, damn it!”

then watch this now.

I’ve talked to many, many spiritual beings breaking out of mundane lives.

If you’re like them, maybe these characteristics will sound familiar:

☉ You feel like you’re meant to be part of a revolutionary world, but it’s just out of reach. 

☉ The everyday challenges of life always seem to overwhelm your emerging spiritual life. Money issues, relationship issues, work issues, time issues, health issues … something always seems to be getting in the way.

☉ You feel that there are some invisible blocks that you can’t quite access, and they’re holding you back from fully expressing the depth of your Being throughout your life.  

You’ve had moments of inspiration, hope, or even a powerful knowing that the Truth is a lot more magical and beautiful than the unfortunate scripts that tend to run our lives … but then you lose sight of it and find yourself falling back into painful patterns. 

As I see it, these are all expressions of one simple situation: we’ve forgotten. 

We’ve forgotten that we’re connected to all the people and animals we share the planet with. 

We’ve forgotten that we’re connected to the Earth. 

We’ve forgotten that we’re connected to the Divine.  

And we’ve forgotten that we’re connected to ourselves – to our own Inner Truth. 

The belief that we’re disconnected could be called our core wound. It’s the source of so much fear and loneliness, so much misguided searching, so much consumption and acquisition, and so much insecurity.

If you’ve been here, maybe you’ve felt you didn’t know what you were doing with your life.

Maybe you’ve found yourself calling pain into your life despite wanting to be happy and lighthearted.

Maybe you’ve found yourself indulging in drama even though you know it isn’t serving you.

Maybe you’ve been overwhelmed and anxious about the state of the world. 

And yet … the wound isn’t real.

You’ve never actually been disconnected. Like everyone, you were taught a tragic mistake – that to be human means to be separate and ultimately on your own. Sadly, since you believed it, you’ve felt the pain just as if it were true.

When we start remembering what has simply been forgotten, life gets easier. 

Suddenly we recognize the guidance that’s always been there, like sign posts we can’t believe we’ve missed. 

Suddenly, we can recognize the opportunities in what previously seemed like random, unfair obstacles. 

Suddenly, we have access to gifts that are delightful to embody and share. 

Suddenly, we see patterns and beauty in everything.

As we remember our connection on these four planes – our true Self, humanity, earth, and the Divine – we can see a brilliant path in front of us, like opening a portal to the life we’re meant for. 

If you want help unraveling this mystery and remembering these connections, you’re in the right place!

In the Love Rising Collective, we harness the collective power and intention of a group of like-minded seekers of the truth. 

I’m your facilitator, Briana Borten. My job is to offer direction and clarity, to help you understand what has eluded you, to see where your work lies, and to offer subtle healing to make the process smoother. 


A Sacred Community for Spiritual Growth

Love Rising is . . .

A medicine field specifically created for us to connect to universal wisdom for guidance to deeply understanding ourselves so we can make decisions that support our lives and the world.

A sacred space and energy work created for our healing that helps remove blockages or energy patterns that stop us from being clear conduits of love.

A guided community designed to help us remember our connection to ourselves, to eachother, to the Divine, and to the Earth.

It’s a love fest.

This is what our community has to say about Love Rising.


“Briana is incredibly insightful in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. She helped uncover hidden emotions that were holding me back, and guided me on the path forward in the gentlest and more powerful way. I’ve always felt Briana had a magical way of bringing peace to the world at large, and with this gift she brought peace to my inner world, too. If you get a chance to join Love Rising, do it!”

– Nathalie Lussier

Life Before Love Rising:

Life With Love Rising:

  • Unclear about path in life and feeling overwhelmed
  • Struggle with taking on other people’s “stuff”
  • Unable to consistently access inner magic, so always second guessing yourself and looking for others to give you the answer
  • Feeling unsupported, unseen, and uninspired at home, at work, and in relationships
  • Not sure what or how to prioritize, so you end up giving your time to whatever is on “fire” in the moment
  • Feeling like there’s never enough time
  • Not having a community that really “gets” you
  • Feeling like you’re not enough
  • Challenging, unfulfilling relationships
  • Connected to inner self that knows your innate self worth
  • Joyfully receiving and following intuitive guidance
  • Clear, vibrant, sovereign energy
  • Knowing that there’s something more, and that you have access to it now
  • Able to move forward with purpose and clarity
  • A new ability to have depth and connection in your relationships
  • Feeling held, supported, and loved by the Universe in a way that expands your whole way of being.
  • Knowing there is a community in Love Rising that is always there for you, and totally “gets” you
  • Experiencing a beautiful new relationship with time


    • Two Spirit Guidance calls
    • Two Integration video sessions
    • One Sacred Community Circle via video
PS. Absolute delight and results do not require that you attend all of these gatherings – they’re all just beautiful options for you.
      • With your Peace Path Program to help you on your journey to awakening
      • Mediations and journal prompts
      • Replays of past sessions (there are some you’ll want on repeat!)
      • Your calendar of events

Spirit Guidance Calls 

These twice monthly calls are group phone calls on Zoom where I use my energetic gifts to tap into the Divine for wisdom, clarity, and guidance. 

The calls are organized into three parts:  In the first 20 minutes, Guided by Spirit, I’ll share what’s been given me to share, and we’ll talk about what’s “in the field” for all of us. 

In the last 40 minutes of the call I lead us in a guided meditation, energetically weaving us all together so that we can travel together to the wisdom and peace that awaits. There we see what we’re being invited into unraveling and healing. I use Universal Energy to assist the Collective in moving toward that end.

These calls are recorded, and available to listen to as often as you’d like inside your member portal.

Integration Sessions

These twice monthly calls are group Zoom video sessions where you can ask all of the questions on your heart.

It’s Transformational Group Coaching that helps you create new, healthy patterns in your life that reflect your deepest inner knowing.

Calls can include how to apply the wisdom from the Spirit Guidance call to life, or general questions about how to be a Divine being in a human body (hey, we all struggle with this some times).

It’s also an amazing opportunity to be with the community and hold the container for the growth and expansion for each of us individually and for the whole collective. These calls are recorded, and replays are available inside your member portal.

Sacred Community Circles

Monthly community circles are an opportunity to connect with the community in a deep and soulful way.

We break into small groups and check in with each others hearts, hold space for one another, and get witnessed in our mess and in our wholeness.

Community = Medicine

These calls are held on Zoom and are not recorded – as the benefit comes from showing up and participating live. And, of course, it’s not required that you come – but we’d love to have you.

The Peace Path

These custom-designed paths lead to deeper inquiry, a richer inner journey, and progress in the areas of your life that need work. These are actionable plans to help you clear your blocks, access more energy, reach your goals, and heal yourself and the world. Within the Peace Path modules you’ll find everything you need to move toward life of more peace, power, and potential. All modules are included and are self paced. 
Module 1 : Spark

This module is for beginners to meditation and inner work, or for those looking for a back-to-basics approach to their current explorations. It’s the foundation upon which all else in the program is built and gives you the opportunity to solidify the practices that will serve you for years to come.

It’s all about taking your very first step towards claiming what is, and always has been, yours – your seat in the Web of the Universe. You’ll also start to learn how to heal your energetic field.

Module 2 : Rising Light

You’ll start this part of the program when you’re ready to step up your meditation practice and start trusting your inner wisdom.

This module is all about building a strong foundation – continuing the work we began in Spark, to connect to your essence, your inner light, and making the practice of tapping into that place a solid habit you can lean on in times of expansion and contraction.

Module 3 : Luminous

This module focuses on supporting your estabilished commitment to your inner work, your inner journey, and helping you use it to enrich and improve all areas of your life. 

We’ll be taking it deeper and really working our edges – softening our ego identities and gaining perspective that will usher us into a new way of being.


Module 4 : Radiant

In this module, you’ll be tapping into the power of the Web of the Universe to transform your life and the lives of those around you. All the time and effort and heart you put into your inner journey in the first 3 modules will be used to do this next level work.

You’ll receive the support and encouragement needed to talk the necessary steps to living your life in a meaningful and fulfilled way.

Module 5 : Awakened

This last module is for those who are living a life of deep daily connection. In it we’ll help you keep it up, solidify those practices that trouble you most, and clear any remaining blocks to your peace.

You’ll be held to truly align and live the truth of your soul, connected to the Divine, and shining your light.

Exclusive Facebook Community

You’ll have access to vibrant and thriving community support through the private Love Rising Community Facebook group. Members can chat, share challenges and successes, seek support, or ask questions of Briana or other members. This is a positive and loving community, and we’re careful to keep it that way.

Your Journey of Freedom and Expansion Starts Now

* Monthly Membership – cancel anytime. *

Love Rising Collective is an experience outside of time and space and is done all online/on the phone – so you can participate from anywhere.

And the best part – is that you can get to make new friends from around the world.

The nature of this Collective that you’re entering is one of an incredible medicine field of transformation – AND in order to really create the life you want, you’ll have to commit to doing the work, and showing up FOR YOURSELF.

If you commit one hour a week to Love Rising, your life and internal landscape WILL dramatically shift toward more spaciousness, more freedom, more creativity, and more peace.

Stop delaying your Healing and expansion

If you wait, you’ll miss the opportunity to start experiencing living in a way that feels free, expressed, and full of love NOW.

We’re conditioned to delay our healing until later.

Once you’ve:

  • Worked hard enough 
  • Suffered enough to deserve your own attention
  • Proven yourself worthy

Basically any reason you can find to not make your healing NOW, to not make your awakening NOW, to not make your presence NOW.

But there literally is no other time.

NOW is the only option.

Love Rising is for the lightwarriors, the peace seekers, and the community creators.

Light Warriors Are you an experienced, enthusiastic, and devoted light warrior, ready to take your energy and love into the world? Or you want to be? Do you look around you and see a tremendous need for love and healing, and want to do your part? I’m here to help you remove and unravel any patterns or blocks that stop you from bringing your light fully into the world.
Peace Seekers If you are feeling wrung out, anxious, or worried about the state of the world or your life and need a place to land where you can take a moment to breathe, connect to your highest self, and take time to hear the whispers of Divine wisdom,  this is for you.
Community Creators Are you feeling isolated and alone, separated from the heart-led and spiritual community you crave? Do you love your friends and family, but they simply don’t “get you” or aren’t willing to have the deep, raw, and curious conversations that are necessary to come back home to ourselves? The Love Rising Collective is a tight-knit, loving, and inclusive group. We have deep, meaningful, and REAL conversations that fill the soul.

This is who our members recommend Love Rising for
(in their own words)
  • “Someone looking for like minded community in peeling back the layers and getting in touch or tune with your soul purpose.” 


  • “People who have begun a meditation/spiritual practice and would like to take it to the next level.” 


  • “Anyone who is committed to their own spiritual growth and wants the support and acceleration the collective provides.” 


  • “Anyone who wants to free space so that they can better navigate life.” 


  • “People who want to expand their mind.”


  • “Friends and clients who are choosing conscious living.  Who are open to and understand a bit about energy field, meditation, and who are looking for guidance and a community.” 


  • “Anyone who is looking for a space to be vulnerable, safe, and held in love.”
  • “People who are curious and seeking more… bored of “status quo”.  Wanting a fuller richer life that they feel engaged in.” 
  • “Everybody stuck in a rut.”

  • “Anyone struggling with purpose, their faith or religion, wanting guided meditations.”

  • “Anyone that feels like something is missing but they can’t quite put a finger on what it is.” 
  • “Anyone who is open to living in their greatest potential.”

  • “Anyone looking to be closer to source and their inner wisdom.”

We hold space for you to find your way back home to yourself, so you can breathe again.

The Experience of Love Rising

A Spiritual Community that GETS You There’s always room for you and your wisdom. You don’t have to be anything but yourself here.

Deeper Connection to Your Inner Wisdom Connect into your deep inner wisdom to experience true confidence, clarity, and faith in your ability to see the next right step for your life.

Clarity on Your Purpose No more wondering what it’s all for or if there’s a bigger plan for you. Develop a deeper connection to your truth. Let your highest potential unfold and live this life with no regrets.

Authentic Relationship with the Divine Whatever you call it – God/dess, the Divine, Spirit, Nature – you’ll create an embodied connection to Source that feels right for you, that doesn’t need to be tied to religion, and will become a relationship that can deeply nourish you your whole life long.

Access to Ever-Replenishing Energy Tap into an inexhaustible energy supply for the things you need to do, AND want to do. Learn to lean into the community and energy that are ever present and here to support you.

Power, Potential and Peace Connecting to the Truth of who we really are beyond the exhausting layers of human worries and insecurities, means connecting to our true power and potential – and peace arises from living in this alignment.

So here’s the deal – you can stay where you’re at: disconnected, directionless, and overwhelmed

– OR –

you can take action that’s aligned with the depths of your being, join Love Rising Collective, and experience powerful transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm so busy, I'm worried I won't have time
One of the magic things about Love Rising is that in doing the work  you’ll start to prioritze what’s really important to you, and life will become more and more spacious.

Like the Zen proverb says “If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour everyday, you should meditate for two hours.

Meditation sounds great, but what's up with the energy work stuff?
Oooh . . . I can’t wait for your to experience it – it’s going to blow your mind.

I’ve been doing energy in some form for over twenty years, and in doing so I’ve been honored with the ability to do group energy work where we’re given guidance as to what needs to happen and I use energetic surgery, weaving, and reconfiguration to support the collective in their healing and expansion.

What if I get behind???
The great thing is that there is no “behind” – we work in the present moment and that’s always where you are, so even if you miss a couple weeks you can just come right back into the fold without skipping a beat. 

(And all of the recordings from that time will be available to you too *if* you desire to participate in them)

I'd love to do this, but I can't afford it
First, I know it can be hard to prioritize your spiritual life and deep healing – but investing money in it is a great way to show yourself and the Universe that you’re committed.

AND, if you really just don’t have the money, there are limited scholarships available – reach out to find out more. And then use the work in the Collective to help create more stability and abundance in your finances.

I just cannot tell you Briana, how much I love and appreciate you and the loving support of this group. This collective is the most wonderful family and I am so grateful. Thank you all for everything.

-Danielle Beaulieu

Just got off a Love Rising integration/coaching call with Briana Borten. She explained how to navigate contraction after expansion, in response to an inquiry of mine. It’s really great to get real time advice and words of encouragement as you are walking your path. Highly recommend Love Rising, for those who may be interested! So great to have an opportunity to connect on so many levels several times a month. Really lovely community as well!

-April Eileen

I don’t usually write about my experiences, but this was a most beautiful gathering….The love and warmth of connection in this collective is so strong.
-Daphne Murphy

I feel like I’ve woken up to a world full of truth, light, love & abundance. It’s so funny to think I had been concerned about ‘having enough’ for myself and my family – like energy, love, light, and joy were something separate from us – a limited resource!

Thanks to Love Rising I feel like I finally understand that we ARE enough.

We ARE the energy, love, light & joy, so of course there’s enough! It’s just a matter of looking for it and knowing it’s there. I am so SO grateful to Briana and to the collective for helping bring about this understanding for me.

-Anne Bauer

If not for this group I don’t believe I would be where I am today. I was finally ready and all of you were here waiting to love and receive me.

Love Rising is a great way to get energy work from the lovely Briana Borten on a regular basis. Such a great experience, and highly recommended!! 
-Jen Mantle

I’ve experimented with different types of energy work over the years and it was immediately clear Briana offers something unique. She’s gentle, perceptive, and easy to work with, and at the same time, incredibly strong and powerful! I was blown away by her insights and how great I felt afterwards. She’s a gifted healer and I feel so lucky to be able to work with her!
-Liz Long

Briana is able to “see me” and really deeply and truly look into my soul and life and offer concrete, clear, actionable steps and practices to help me.   Briana  blends and balances the esoteric art of “downloading” and working with spirit along with the more tangible work of a modern day western coach to work magic.   Briana has a loving and caring energy that can help guide even the busiest and those that are searching on a path of wisdom, health, centered self and contentment.  She has been a life saver and life improver for me and I strongly recommend Briana as a wonderful and powerful, mentor, coach and guide.
-David Howitt

This heart offering is sooo worth it
  • Two times a month we gather for amazing energetic journey meditations in our Spirit Guidance calls. (value $108)
  • Two times a month we have time for transformation group coaching in our Integration calls. (value $108)
  • You’ll also get a beautiful peace path that’s been created for you to follow so you can experience your greatest awakening in your member portal. (value $67)
  • Monthly we come together for Sacred Community Circles to deepen our connection with each other. (value $47)
  • We also gather in our private Facebook group to support and witness each other in community. (priceless)

It’s a value of $330/month for just $67/month.

And if you’re committed, and your heart is singing “YES! This is what I want in my life!” then  join our Love Rising community.

What happens when you join?

Step One:
Join Love Rising

Step Two:
You’ll receive an
email with all the

Step Three:
Login to your member site for instant access

Step Four:
Join the community and
start connecting

Join the Collective with monthly payments, or save $138 by paying for the whole year at one time.

This email will orient you to our course portal and community on Mighty Networks.

In your member site you’ll find your peace path modules, the Love Rising library of sessions, and the calendar of events.

Post in the activity feed on Mighty Networks and immediately start to create life long friendships and get the support and witnessing you need.

I’m Briana Borten and my gift to the world is a fully awakened YOU. (and ps. A fully awakened me). I’m passionate about helping people connect deeply to themselves, to each other, to the Divine, and to the Earth. I believe this is the way of our greatest healing individually and collectively.

I have a gift for seeing/sensing/feeling deep truth and articulating it for my clients. However, I’m humbly aware that I am a limited being in a human body so my point of view is, of course, that as well – so I rely on the expanded view graced to us to help myself, my friends, my clients, and you navigate toward peace and freedom, again and again.


Let’s catalyze your growth through intentional community, conversations, and ceremony.


Devotional Love,
Working with Briana has narrowed my focus while expanding my creativity and capacity to imagine. That is the work that Briana does — clearing the path for your best and brightest work by tuning in to your energy.

Her ability to see what is blocking and stopping my energy has been a powerful force in my life.  

The sacred space Briana creates by tuning in to your own wisdom and energy is transformative in its clarity.

– Kimberly Pendleton

I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade which means I am very analytical minded and never took the opportunity to tune into my energy or the energy of the world around me. Joining this group felt like something I had to do for me after seeing Brianas video about balancing entrepreneurship and a family. I don’t know how else to describe it, I was drawn to it. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made as a wife, a mother and a small business owner. This group has opened my eyes to coping mechanisms and a world of opportunities I hadn’t imagined. I am in happy tears after almost every integration session. I can’t thank you enough Briana. My husband has even said he has noticed such a difference in me. From the bottom of my heart thank you. I hope one day we can meet in person so I can give you a huge thank you hug.
-Renee Glendenning

After sessions with Briana I feel incredibly expansive and energized. It’s the perfect combination of energetic clearing and healing with practical steps I could take afterward to reap the rewards of the energy work in my actual business and life. We made some clear shifts in the way our company was structured based on the insights I got during the session and I feel so much more peaceful and productive as a result. 
-Kate Northrup