Intuitive Coaching & Energy Work

With Briana’s Luminous Apprentices

The narrative of the majority of the world says . . .

…we’re small and powerless
…we’re at the mercy of a chaotic and unpredictable world
…happiness is a matter of being lucky enough to acquire the things that “make” people happy
…if God/Source/The Divine is real, he/she/they is minimally involved in our lives, and tangible experiences of Spirit are few and far between

But you know better. You can feel it.

There’s something more. There’s another dimension to life as a human.

Beyond the hustle and to-do lists, beyond the shallow interactions and the striving, beyond the false narratives that keep us scared and small, beyond the tension and anxiety . . .

It’s an experience of life lived as an embodied prayer, knowing that you’re expression and creation can create new worlds to live into.

And we get there not by trying to transcend this experience HERE, but by diving into the flow of energy UNDER the surface.

It’s where we tap into true power.
It’s where we experience freedom.
It’s where we connect into Divine truth and wisdom.

It’s the spiritual and energetic foundation for living as lighthearted, grounded leaders – contributing to a new world as we lean into the emergent field of creation.

Being in the energy is what changes us.

Removing the the barriers and blockages to experiencing truth – to experiencing your deep intuition and guidance – is the most vital quest.

We’re here to hold you and guide you and open up the space for you to look in and bring your full curiosity where you normally wiggle away when you’re on your own. 

It’s not about telling you what X means for you, it’s about supporting you, standing next to you, and creating the space where you can tune in to your heart, to your soul, to the experience of love that courses through your being and come to the understand what’s here for you.

If you find yourself living life based on your old structures, beliefs, and patterns that aren’t serving you (but that you’ll defend until you question them)

. . . it’s vital to look at what’s there – what’s in the way of a meaningful and sacred life for you, and expose every piece to the light of love without shaming or judging it

Not escaping or transcending but instead elevating and embodying the energy on this earthly plane.

We’ll hold the container for you to do this inquiry, to reveal all the pieces, and to be held in an abundant field of deep care.

We hold the space in your sessions for removing blocks and untangling patterns that restrict you . . . 

you’ll find places where you’ve been closed . . .

you’ll find places where you haven’t been curious . . .

you’ll find places that you’ve shut down or numbed out . . .

. . . and it’s all welcome here.

And we’ll navigate it all together toward your greatest vision for your life.

Let’s do it.

Meet Your Coaches


Anne Bauer

Anne Bauer is a Certified Dragontree Illuminator & energy worker who guides heart-led individuals in creating clear, healthy, balanced connections in their lives.

Through a unique blend of energy work & coaching, Anne holds her clients, their relationships, their business, and their visions for the future in their full & complete entirety — and then works with you to heal, clear & enliven the web of connections & communications between all of it.

By infusing healing energy and healthy communication into our lives & relationships, we create a path forward that feels clear, true, & aligned for everyone involved.

Anne has done (and continues to do) this work in her own life to heal the connections with her family and her work in the world — and it has changed everything in the most amazing & magical ways!

Anne lives in Kansas City where she also owns & operates an airline supply company that has been in her family for 6 Generations. (Racket started out in 1891 supplying covered wagons traveling in the US and now supplies airlines flying all over the world.) Anne also loves travel, couch cuddles with her husband & teenager, and trips to the dog park with their sweet & sassy Great Dane.


Dana Freedman

Dana Freedman is a Certified Dragontree Illuminator and Briana Borten Luminary, spiritual teacher, intuitive coach, and energetic healer who may or may not have been hiding her gifts behind her career as a critical care nurse for the past 17 years. She now bravely combines her knowledge of the practical, the mystical, the magical and the medical to guide her clients through the healing of cultural, familial, and ancestral wounding with the end goal of deepening their relationship with self, with family, with community, with the planet, and the Divine itself. 

Dana believes in magic, medicine, nature, God, freedom, love – And you. She believes in you, and your innate magic, and your inherent right to peace, love and freedom, and she will hold you and help you heal until you believe fully in you, too. All of you.


Erin Rosenblatt

Erin Rosenblatt is the founder of Resilience Healing, and a certified Dragontree coach and energy worker who is passionate about supporting people to release limiting beliefs and painful emotions, while finding their inner resilience.  Erin knows that by supporting humans who are stressed out, overwhelmed, and have been taught that happiness lies in something outside of themselves, they can connect with their authentic selves and the world will become a better place for all beings. 

She is a clinical psychologist and in the last several years has become certified as a practitioner in various energy healing modalities as well as Rapid Transformational Therapy.  

Erin believes deeply in the power of resilience and has been on a path to support others in their healing journeys for over 20 years. She has experience in supporting people of all ages and backgrounds in thriving after experiences of trauma, depression, and anxiety.  By integrating all aspects of her training, Erin brings a unique perspective to bringing magical and lasting transformations for her clients.  

Erin lives in Oakland, California with her husband and 8 year old.  They love spending time on the coast spotting sea life and watching beautiful sunsets. 


Available Packages

Intuitive Coaching and Energy Work Session:

A 60 minute experience is a great way to reset your energy. If you’ve been feeling like there’s an energy block or constraint stopping you from making that next move, opening your heart, or being fully expressed – this is perfect for you. Not only will your coach/energy worker help you release that energetic stagnation, they’ll support you to create the mindshift necessary to sustain it while allowing the new energetic patterns to become deeply embodied.  You’ll leave clearer, more expanded, and reconnected with yourself.

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Transformation Package:

This three month one-on-one container is for you if you’re ready to create the space in your life for what you deeply desire to feel, have, and experience. The transformation available when you really commit to this deep work is beyond words – it’s the true calling of our souls to get in alignment and open ourselves to the Universe.  

In this time you’ll be supported with powerful energy work to clear the pathways, guided to take heart led action in your life that will allow you to experience momentum, and create a powerful experience of trust in yourself and the Universe.

3x/month calls + voxer support

$900 /mo
$2700 Paid in Full
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Expansion Package:

In this nine month one-on-one experience you’ll be held in the most extraordinary field of love, seen so clearly, and supported unwaveringly. You’ll have the opportunity to create extraordinary shifts while being regularly energetically rewoven toward your highest expression. The growth and expansion that will blossom in your life, relationships, and business is next level.

In this time you’ll get crystal clear about who the heck you are and be energetically unleashed so you can express that in the world.

3x/month calls + voxer support

$850 /mo
$7550 Paid in Full
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I wanted to say thank you ❤️ This space, and all of you, reach so much further than the theoretical walls of this container. I carry all of you with me, I do my best to reflect the love and light out into time and space. I know it’s changed me. I hope, in some way, it’s helping others, too. I believe it truly is.

Lisa George

Up until now I never really thought that the “healers” I worked with had any better access to source energy than I do. An indication of the lack of trust I carried for a long time and also my really loud inner skeptic. I am completely trusting of Briana and excited to be opening more and more.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster