Fully Aligned
Energy Support Container

There are times in life when we’re just simply ready.

Ready to take things to the next level.
Ready to make the shift.
Ready to be devoted to our paths in a major way.
Ready to exponentially expand in our lives.

In order to do this we have to be attuned and aligned. Because going for it means that we’re willing to have all our shit come up and work through it, shift the energy, and refine again and again.

When we want to experience the fullness of our unhindered soul – we have to learn to be with all of life: the challenges and the delights, and to hold them both. Which means we have to expand our capacity for LIFE itself.

So much of what holds us back, halts our progress, and hinders our fullest expression in this life is energetic misalignments, blocks, and imbalances. These things are often why we continue to struggle and bump up against similar issues again and again – or why we may be working ourselves ragged but not getting any real momentum toward what we want.

The magic is just not 100% online yet.

If you’re someone with a big mission and you know that this is the missing piece for you, I’d love to support you (and/or your business) to make energetic shifts that allow you to feel supported, inspired, and free, so you can ride the upward spiral of creation.

This six month container will hold you, so you can learn to surrender and trust, while we do this powerful work to align and refine you on a cellular level.

What’s included

Every week (4 times a month) we’ll do a 15 minute energy attunement, so we can create significant momentum in the direction of freedom. 

Monthly we’ll meet for a 45 minute soul session, so we can dive deeper into the patterns that are the most challenging.

I’ll be doing clearings and ceremonies to assist in shifting your field along the way. You’ll also have access to me via Voxer in between sessions if things come up for you or you need a quick check in.

This work is so intimately connected to my heart and my soul’s calling, I’m devoted on a core level to those that enter into this work with me. And it only really works when you’re ALL IN, so I require those that enter into this container with me to be committed to their soul’s work in a deep and authentic way.

If this is the path you choose, click below to enter into this sacred agreement.

6 or 12 months

$2700 per month
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Working with Briana in the Fully Aligned Energy container has been absolutely perfect timing for my personal life and my business.  I knew I was on the cusp of a lot of big shifts in what I was creating in the world and the relationships I wanted to create. My partner and I were getting a lot more serious and expanded, I started to create more in roads toward healthy relationships with my family and friends. And there were just all of these blocks in the way and things that were making it feel heavy and hard and when I reached out to Briana to do energy work on a more regular basis I didn’t exactly know what I wanted, but I knew what I wanted to feel – which was just held and supported on an energetic level. Which is exactly what has happened.  I have seen such tremendous growth in myself, my relationships, and my business, and I know it’s because I just feel so safe now for growth to happen in my life. I feel like I can handle with whatever comes up, that I can go deeper, slower in every element of my life and I know deep down that I’m not doing it alone.  And even just that has been incredible. I think the energy clearing and just having someone that’s so gifted in the energetic realm is a secret weapon that every entrepreneur, especially, needs, but probably just every human.  I’m so grateful I began doing this work with Briana, it’s made everything about my life easier and as I’ve stepped into a bigger role and done this deeper intimacy work in my own business, I feel like I’m intimately held throughout.  I’m so incredibly grateful.

Kimberly Pendleton

Working with Briana has changed my life. Our weekly energy attunements create so much space for clarity, growth. It feels soooo good to be supported in this way! But, the part that’s really blown my mind has been seeing the ripple effect that has extended out into my life and the lives of my family, extended family, employees, business and community. I feel more grounded and present in my daily life, more clear about my purpose and my path, and more confident in my abilities to move forward in an aligned way. It undoubtedly made me a better leader. And, whole new levels of communication and connection have opened up in my own family and even into my extended family and their families. It’s been really amazing. I have noticed an expansion in our businesses and in our lives. I’m so very grateful to Briana for doing this work and leading in this way. Thank you!

Anne Bauer

The energy attunements with Briana are so powerful.  I’ve found them to be spot on and as effective for long term change as an hour long coaching session.  Briana has an amazing ability to tune in and find exactly what can be shifted to bring more spaciousness, ease and true movement toward what you desire most.

Erin Rosenblatt