Blogs | Let’s clear that up!

By Briana | January 29th 2020

Let’s clear that up!


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The other day I was sitting waiting for my daughters choir concert to start and the man in front of us was talking the ear off the woman next to him about all of the things going wrong in his life. She didn’t say anything, she just listened (it was hard to tell how she felt about it – but I definitely made up that she felt a little trapped in the “conversation.”) At first I thought there must be some therapeutic value to getting all this off his chest and maybe he’d feel relieved, but when she moved and someone else came – it all started again. What I realized is that it was HIM that was trapped.

Have you ever found yourself spiraling in a pattern of negative thinking around some aspect of your life? Maybe it’s your job, and you can’t stop gossiping or talking about it in negative terms, focusing on every bad thing that’s happened. Maybe you even find talking about it with others wraps you even more deeply into the negativity.

Or maybe it’s a particular relationship with some charged history – someone who hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally, in the past; and now everything they do (even when it’s really sort of neutral) seems to be designed to hurt, anger, or punish you.

Think about how much time and energy you spend engaged in negative thinking, negative speaking, or focusing on negative events in your life. Our minds are powerful, and when they’re steeped in negative energy, we suffer.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to use your intention and body to clear out negative energy and transform hurt, anger, and other painful emotions, and shift to a positive mindset that helps you feel more peace and freedom.

You’re going to feel SO MUCH BETTER and so much more free when you implement these techniques!

Click below to watch “Negative Energy- How to remove bad energy and clear up your life!”

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