1:1 Devotion in Motion

Evolution and Growth Private Mentorship

Your fullest potential has been calling, beckoning, inviting…
.. and you’re ready to say a full body YES!

This High level private mentorship and energy healing is for leaders who are committed to a path of expansion and growth and are ready to experience their fullest potential.

This mentorship is my most intimate offering. You’ll be held in a transformational energy field that will activate and elevate you, while also receiving guidance that’s rooted in truth and connected to your soul.

Here’s what I know:

You are
whole and unbroken.

Our job is to Let it be revealed.

And then you get to experience the upleveling of every area of your life that arises from that place . . .(spoiler alert: living out your highest potential and full purpose gets to be really, really fun.)

Create a life where you get to have it all . . .


I see you through the eyes of the Divine.

My purpose on planet earth is to help you do the same.

Here is the paradox of our partnership:
I’m here to witness the best already in you
AND hold you to your highest standard.

I will hold you in the deepest truth and I will never stop loving you.

This is how we rise.

When we work together I hold all of you: your energy, your values, your gifts, your desires, your patterns of challenge, your energy, your vision and dreams

Together we’ll attune to what is, wholly and completely with love and compassion while moving into creation in the emergent field of reality. Knowing that what is here is FOR you, for your evolution, and, ultimately, for the highest unfolding of your potential.

Our time together will catalyze your evolution.
It’s a safe and holy held place of love for you and all that arises.
Your brightness and light could never be too much here.
I’m longing for it.
I’m elevating it.
I live for it.

Through spiritual mentorship, energy work, soulful strategy, emotional evolution, and embodiment work you’ll arrive fully in your seat in the web of the Universe as the Devoted, Awakened Leader that moves from their wholeness in alignment.

So how do you know if you’re in alignment?

It feels fun.


If you’re cranky, burned out, bored, uninspired, overworking, or just a grumbly MFer . . . turns out, somethings off 

But the good news is – there’s a solution …

The Universe wants to experience itself through you!

No holding back.

Your path doesn’t have to be one of suffering through, you’re made for joy and play and lightheartedness, and when you bring this into your life – everything shifts.

If you can imagine your life like a hike through the woods: it’s beautiful, it’s scenic, there’s twists and turns, sometimes you trip over rocks and fall on your face, and in the end what will matter most is the way you felt in each and every moment – not how fast you went or what you collected along the way.

Let’s walk together and create something beautiful.

You’ll never love a life you hated creating.

Living our most awakened potential is not a place we arrive at, but rather a practice we commit to. It’s about creating and collaborating with the Universe and deeply connecting with our innate wisdom as it arises in each and every moment.

This is the work of becoming a living prayer for what we want to create in the world.

Being the vessel, the bridge, the conduit.

Walk this path with me and together we’ll . . . 

  • Clarify the truest desire of your soul that is aching to arise through your human form into creation.
  • Build supportive, sustainable structures for bringing your fullest potential into the world.
  • Removes blocks and attune your energy so you can be a conduit for the work and love you’re here to bring into the world.
  • Hold you in love and compassion as you meet your edges of expansion.
  • Focus on embodiment and integration so you as living expression of the Divine, becomes your way of life

The Details

Devotion in Motion: Evolution and Growth Private Mentorship

We’ll start with a discovery call where we’ll deep dive into exactly what’s going on for you, what you want to create, how you want to create it, and who you are on the path of becoming. 

There isn’t a one-size fits all life model (or business model). You are a unique expression of the Divine, here to bring YOUR magic in YOUR way to the world – and we’ll figure out exactly what that is – and then you’ll make the moves to bring it to life while I support you, elevate you, and help you clear all the programming, energetic blocks, and tangled lines along the way.

From the core of your being, through all your cells and energetic system, all the way out to your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions – you’ll get aligned with the truth of who you are, and exactly what you’re here for.

Our time together will consist of 1:1 mentorship, energy work practices, intuitive tools and training, energetic calibration, mindset work, strategy, emotional evolution, embodiment, and vast expansive activation received from the energy of being in the container itself.

I’m all about you having a deeply connected, fullfilling, meaningful life that also feels FUN – and we’ll infuse this into every aspect of your life and work so you can experience more expansion and momentum than you ever imagined.

As you move into your fully expanded power you’ll also have access to me between sessions because the opportunity for embodiement happens in movement – when we’re in our life and we rub up against our challenges and feel stuck, or like we want to collapse or control, that’s when we often need support the most.

My absolute devotion on this planet is to help humans like you:

  • Experience your fullest potential in your lived life
  • Rewrite your narrative about what’s possible for you around abundance, and then operating in your new reality of expanded possibility
  • Come home to, love, and listen to your body 
  • Create relationships that are beautifully held and soul nourishing
  • Allow creation to flow through you in an aligned and easy way
  • Feel unshakeable confidence in your being
  • Experience the flow and power of your energy
  • Embody the incredible living manifestation of love that you are!

The structure:

  • Three 45 minute calls every month.
  • Voxer access to me between calls to remove a block that’s up, answer quick questions, give feedback on things you’ve created, lend support, celebrate, or anything else you want my help with.
  • Daily energetic checks and adjustments are done on your behalf. You’ll be held within a field of absolute love and devotion and elevated within that to the very edge of potential daily.
  • A daily practice to deepen your connection with the Universe and open you up to expansive potential and magic.
  • Access to all group programs I run that start during your container.

Here’s the thing . . .
Your growth, your results, your expansion – is up to you.

I can’t make you.

But I can . . .
. . . hold a strong vibrational field for you to calibrate to
. . . share everything I know and have experienced in creating a life and business that i’m literally obsessed with
. . . help clear energetic blocks and detangle patterns
. . . work with you to create aligned action plans that will move you forward
. . . support your connection with the limitless potential of the Universe so it can flow through you
. . . see you.
. . . love you.

Our mentorship relationship will completely revolutionize your experience of being a human on this planet.


Do you only work with entrepreneurs?

Nope. I work with women, men, and non-binary folks who are leaders, or desire to be leaders in their worlds.

Is your work inclusive and safe for BIPOC or trans folks?

I’m a white, cis, bi woman that was raised with all the privilges that come with that. While I’ve done and am doing work around anti-racism, diversity, equality, and inclusion, and believe in my ability to mentor anyone, I also fully own that I have my own filters and life experiences and sometimes get shit wrong. That said, if I mess up, I’m always open to a conversation and devoting resources to handling it in a way that honors and supports your experience. My intention is to create and hold a super safe space for all humans and I’m constantly working on being the best I can at doing that.

How do I schedule sessions?

When you sign up our team will reach out and get you set up to book your sessions and then you’ll have all the links you need to book out your future appointments.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I wouldn’t be doing this work if I didn’t 100% believe that I can support you in accessing your fullest potential and creating a life you dream of. I have experience that few people do: two decades in brick and mortar business, a 7 figure online business, a relationship with my husband to write home about, lived experience parenting two incredible humans, a grounded spiritual practice that holds me through all of it, over 20 years of doing energy work, a love of creation and a heart for contribution.

That said – I can’t guarantee any specific results because YOU are the one for YOUR life and you’re the one that will create them!

My Story

As an entrepreneur, mama, wife, philanthropist, and dedicated friend I’ve experienced a multitude of twists and turns and ups and downs related to being human. I run a large and complicated company with an equally large and complicated staff, I have kids that melt down because one is on my lap and the other one wants me or because we’ve run out of cream for their oatmeal, I have misunderstandings with my husband, and miscommunications with my friends. I’m super human, not a superhuman.

But at a young age I had an experience of energy work that changed my life. I’d broken my neck and was in incredible pain. I couldn’t take pain medication because I was allergic and no one could touch my neck at all. I went to see a true healer who worked with my energy to give me relief and it felt like a miracle.

After that I was dedicated to learning how to help others in a similar way. I learned a lot, got attunements, and continued to be treated by a multitude of amazing practitioners. Then one day in a deep meditation I became open, entirely open, to receiving guidance on a soul level on how to work with energy. What was downloaded into me was a very unique system that, honestly, freaked me out.
I remember going home to my husband Peter and saying “I just can’t do this, it’s too much,” and then basically sleeping for three days straight while my system integrated it.

Over the years I learned to work with it more, and open more, and allow it without resistance, but then I stopped working with others for a long long time because I had babies and businesses to attend to.

Until the first nudge came for me to dive into my own energy network and receive guidance on my life daily. What I needed to do, who I needed in my life, how I needed to move in the world all became so clear.

Let’s get started

I’ve experimented with different types of energy work over the years and it was immediately clear Briana offers something unique. She’s gentle, perceptive, and easy to work with, and at the same time, incredibly strong and powerful! I was blown away by her insights and how great I felt afterwards. She’s a gifted healer and I feel so lucky to be able to work with her!

Liz Long

Thank you so much Briana, your work is amazing! Briana is incredibly insightful in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. She helped uncover hidden emotions that were holding me back, and guided me on the path forward in the gentlest and more powerful way. I’ve always felt Briana had a magical way of bringing peace to the world at large, and with this gift she brought peace to my inner world, too. If you get a chance to work with her, do it!


Briana blew me away in our first session. She truly has a gift. She was soft, gentle, and profound. When she was in my energy she discovered things I could feel but couldn’t put words to, and through her putting words to it I immediately felt a sense of peace and a deeper understanding of myself. She also discovered energy blocks in my body that I had no idea existed, but when she moved that energy ever so subtly there was an immediate release that I could feel. I felt more centered, tapped into myself, and alive after each session.


My readings with Briana have been so helpful. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like a much deeper part of who I am is being listened to with full and loving attention. The insights she receives and shares have been such sweet, soulful reminders of who I am, who I want to be, and areas that need some support for optimal well being. I find myself thinking about many of the messages she has shared with me almost daily and I am already applying them to my life in a way that is helping me make choices that are steering me closer to what I want and how I want to be. Many of the insights she shared were exactly what I was needing to look at in that moment. Each session I walk away feeling like an often neglected part of myself has been nurtured and acknowledged, and I have greater clarity that I can apply to my life immediately.


When I started working with Briana, my life was in a big transition. I felt like a snake in my old skin that was hard to shed. For some reason I was having a really hard time ‘crossing over’ into my new life. I felt stuck and outdated. My relationship, business and body all felt uncomfortable and stagnant. I’m a big proponent of therapy, but it was just slow moving, so I called Briana. In just one session I felt completely different in my body. After my second, I launched a new business venture with ease and filled a program in less than two weeks. After the third, my relationship felt new and fiery again. I was SHOCKED and thrilled by how easy it was to shift. There were just some things out of whack in my system that needed some attention. It was like Briana re-wired me. She is someone who I will continue to work with indefinitely because life just works better when she’s working on me. I can’t recommend her enough.

Sarah Jenks

I always knew Briana was incredibly talented; she is a conscientious mother, a deeply loving partner, a supportive friend, and an incredible business ninja. She’s one of the few people in my life that I’ve brought all aspects of my life to, and felt completely heard and supported through it all. But what I’ve come to discover is that Briana is not only talented, but also profoundly gifted. We’ve had several Soul Sessions, and in a few short hours she has helped shift energy that’s been stuck or stifled, to open up the channels for greater clarity, flow, and abundance in my life. In just a few weeks, I’ve already noticed shifts in my outlook around things that have previously been challenging, as well as much greater clarity where I was previously feeling stuck and confused. This work feels like the fast track to everything I desire that is meant to be in my life anyways – it’s that powerful.


The day I met with Briana I was in a situation that I couldn’t see my way out of. Briana had a way of immediately connecting to and seeing what was blocking me from my highest potential. She named it, gave a metaphor and story to it, and gave me a completely new perspective of my challenge. Because of this new perspective I was able to see how to shift my own energy and meet another being from a place of love and compassion instead of fear. I feel like with Briana’s insight, I was able to rise to my highest potential with ease, and step into a higher level of leadership. I feel like Briana has a way of bringing light to what is standing in our way, and providing fresh perspective that allows us step beyond our blocks and into our highest self. Briana’s work is profound and moving in a way I had never experienced before. I cannot recommend enough.

Michelle Long

I met Briana over 15 years ago at a critical time in my personal and spiritual journey. I was out of balance – working too hard – and feeling sad and disconnected. I had “achieved” much by western/business standards – yet I still felt like something was missing. I had circled around working with a guide, advisor, healer for years but just could not bring myself to pull the trigger. The nagging voice of the ego could find a million reasons for me not to listen to the whisper of my soul. That was until I met Briana. Initially, my work with Briana took the shape of massage and body work and I knew that the Universe had provided me with a trusted and special soul. It is difficult to list all the important, life shifting and special qualities Briana has brought to my life. Most recently, I had the honor of my first coaching and intuitive healer call with Briana. Firstly, she listened and she listened well. Second, her intuition and calm and loving demeanor was able to settle my egoic mind and allow me to become open and vulnerable (the first step to real healing). Briana was able to “see me” and really deeply and truly look into my soul and life and offer concrete, clear, actionable steps and practices to help me. Briana blends and balances the esoteric art of “downloading” and working with spirit along with the more tangible work of a modern day western coach to work magic. Briana has a loving and caring energy that can help guide even the busiest and those that are searching on a path of wisdom, health, centered self and contentment. She has been a life saver and life improver for me and I strongly recommend Briana as a wonderful and powerful, mentor, coach and guide.

David Howitt

Doing energy work with Briana has been such a deep and rewarding experience. I didn’t know a lot about energy work going into it, so I was a little wary at first. Briana almost immediately started to help me feel relaxed and comfortable as she calmly laid out what she was going to do and what I needed to know. She assured me that she would not do anything that I felt uncomfortable with. It was truly a moving experience. The things she explained to me that she felt within my energy field were amazingly accurate. The emotions that were evoked in me during this process were intense in a beautiful and healing way. She helped me, while in a meditative state, to dissolve some nasty hurdles that were within my energy field. My session lasted about an hour, but somehow it felt like a lot more time had passed than that. Since my session, I have honestly felt a lot lighter than I did before. It has been easier for me to let negative emotions go. I let them simply pass through me. I draw a lot, and my art has felt so much freer since my session, allowing me to create bigger and more intricate pieces. I’m very excited to continue to do energy work with Briana. I am so happy that I get to experience this beautiful process. I believe my life has already started looking up. I am so grateful for Briana being able to do this work with me. I would recommend this work to literally anyone and everyone. It is insightful, it is healing, it is powerful, and it is something that I hope many more people can experience.