By Briana | November 17th 2015

A Handmade Holiday


We’re headed to Austin for a family reunion+Thanksgiving celebration with Peters family, and though I’m really excited about seeing everyone, I also am overwhelmed with the number of emails and instructions I’ve been receiving about said event for the last couple months, planning all the things we need to bring with us and shop for once we’re there, plus trying to remember everyone’s names!!

Ready or not, here come the holidays.

My whole life I’ve loved the holiday season.  My mom was always had music playing, candles lit, and things baking.  We spent a ton of time in our pajamas.  We put on plays for our parents, and anyone else that would watch.  We had a revolving door of family and friends coming over to make merry.  We played a lot of games.

My parents kept it real simple when it came to presents: each of us four kids got one gift.  And we cherished it.  My mom made cookies for everyone else.


As I’ve gotten older and a parent myself, I keep trying to simplify the gift giving, because, let’s be honest, it can be stressful.  Especially with a family extension and new, different holidays that I adore!  So every year I say, “this year let’s only do gifts for the kids.” Or “this year let’s all just donate to charities for each other.” And every. damn. year. I break the pact last minute and find myself rushing around trying to find the perfect gift for every person that I love.  

It kinda ruins the fun.

So this year I’ve decided to be totally candid with myself and just admit that I love giving gifts.  It lights me up, but in order to do it in a way that isn’t overwhelming and horrible, I need to start early, especially because I love to make things for people that I love.


I was chatting with my dear friend Becca about this because I know she shares my love of making gorgeous things with heart and she told me about her amazing offering A Handmade Holiday  and I instantly fell in love and ordered it.  


Knowing that so many people want to bring back meaning to their holiday season, to craft gifts while cozied up in their pajamas listening to music, to spend more time with their families doing plays and playing games (or drinking whiskey and telling stories), and to slow down and enjoy, I had to share A Handmade Holiday with you.   

It’s magic.  

Becca has put so much thought and love into this program and into every kit she sends out (by the way the kits are only available for one more day!!)  There are so many amazing ideas with beautiful presentations; it’s a smorgasbord of holiday delights.  

Let’s bring back the simplicity and the joy of the holidays.



PS – I super love the kit from Becca, so if you’re interested in A Handmade Holiday kit, go get yours now because they aren’t going to be offered after tomorrow!