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Activation Intensives


3-hour interactive intensives

Are designed to initiate a lasting shift in your consciousness and your energy.

The session consists of

  • Energy work
  • Meditation
  • Breath work
  • And a transmission from me for the purpose of initiating an energetic reconfiguration in you.

As this reconfiguration translates through your being and your life, you’ll notice improvements in your thinking, your mood, your body, and your circumstances.

My intention over these 3 hours is to carry this reconfiguration the whole way through to its embodiment – meaning,

the shift should be complete

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Thank you so much Briana for an amazing experience! When I first signed up, I didn’t know what to expect, maybe some journaling and a few fun exercises to awaken my Creative Goddess within. What I got, was that and so much more.

The journaling exercises allowed me to delve deep and uncover years of emotional and mental wounds, scars and other gunk. Though invisible to the eye, they definitely left their mark. It’s difficult to shine bright and for others to see your Inner Light with so much gunk and emotional scar tissue obscuring it.

The Activation Ceremony at the end provided me an opportunity to not only bring to the surface but to release years of wounds and other crap that had been preventing me from flourishing, from shining my brightest. As one of my other spiritual teachers says all the time: “Whatever comes up, comes up to be healed.” Whew, sooo true!

It wasn’t a pretty process and at times, it was intense, but it was much needed. I just allowed the healing energy and light to flow through me, loosen all the gunk and intentionally released it all to the Divine. It felt like I’d been scraped and scrubbed clean. Although I was a bit drained afterward, I also felt much lighter and freer. The healing and release were exactly what I needed!

This week I directed some of this freed-up creative energy into some work projects. However, I’m looking forward to using even more creative energy this weekend to unleash my Creative Goddess and let her play with some personal creative projects. I’m curious and excited to see where She and this creative shift and opening take me!

With much Love, Light, Gratitude and Reverence,


When I saw Briana was doing a creativity activation, I jumped at the chance to sign up- I knew I had to be there, and now I know why.

Briana was absolutely amazing at leading us through some very deep work, like accepting the parts of us that were insecure and afraid of our own power.

Briana dropped truth-bombs all over the place that were mind expanding and creativity boosting. Her transmission was powerful. Her energy, was vibrant, playful, alive. She also helped me have a completely new view of failure and perfectionism that blew my mind! After the activation, I had a tonne of insights that have really helped me write my book from a perfectionist-free, aligned space. I now feel like I can complete my book with a lot more ecstasy and flow, and a lot less angst! I feel like I have my own unique voice, and the world needs to hear from me.

I 100% recommend this workshop – it has deeply changed my experience with, and view of, creativity, for the better. Thank you Briana for this incredibly important activation, I am deeply grateful.’