Why do we create obstacles to our own success and happiness?

The other day a lovely client of ours let us know that she had gotten most of her one-year goals within the first few weeks of using our Dreambook+Planner, but that she wouldn’t be buying it again because we have the week starting on Monday and not Sunday.

Today there was a comment on one of our ads that said she was interested in the book, but because in the video there’s a clip of Peter dipping me on a bridge, it was “dumb” and therefore she won’t be buying it.

I watched a Facebook Live the other day of a dear friend of mine giving awesome advice and a woman commented “Can you please stop moving your hands so much when you talk? I can’t watch this if you don’t stop!”

And on another friends post, “I love what you have to share, but I’m going to unfollow you because you post too many pictures of yourself!”

This happens all the time. We find things wrong with teachers, teachings, books, and experiences and write them off so we don’t have to do the actual work of applying it to our lives. If it’s “wrong”, then somehow that makes us more “right”. If they’re flawed, then perhaps we can just stay the same and never change – even if we’re miserable.

I get it. I’ve been there. I remember the first time I listened to Byron Katie’s audio book, I was like, “I don’t like her voice, I’m not listening to this!”

But, then I realized I was just hurting myself. I was going to stop my own ability to learn from her wisdom, to further my own journey, to really grow, all because I had a preference for a different sounding voice! What?! Unreal.

And so, I let it go. And I’m so glad I did because that book was transformative in my life.

What would happen if we all let our judgments and criticisms take a back seat? What if we were more committed to our own evolution and growth than being right?

Often great learning and expansion are waiting for us beyond our grievances with the delivery method. So, isn’t it worth it to let it go?

I think so. And though it’s a work in progress, I’m really trying to move beyond my critical thoughts and get to the magic that lies beyond.

Sending you tons of love,