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By Briana | August 12th 2015

Celebration is medicine


Have you ever had a moment where you looked around and thought to yourself, “Holy Shmoley, I friggin’ did it! This was a goal of mine and now it’s actually happening.”?

This happened to me last week as I looked across the beauty of Grand Lake here in Colorado and then across the sweet faces of my spa management team, all gathered on the deck for a group activity during our retreat. I’d been dreaming of taking the leadership team somewhere to relax and play together for years, knowing that it would be a way to express my gratitude for them and also give us the space to really explore where we want to go next.

That moment of recognition was deeply satisfying. Not only because it was the realization of a goal, but also because I took notice and celebrated the win. So often when we reach a goal or make some dream a reality, we are too busy thinking “what next” to enjoy what we’ve created.

If we are always seeking approval from others and not giving it to ourselves in the form of true recognition of our awesomeness, it doesn’t matter if they approve or not. We’ll never really feel satisfied.

When we don’t acknowledge our accomplishments we do our souls a huge disservice and perpetuate our desire for recognition from outside ourselves.
It’s like wanting someone else to satisfy our hunger, but not being willing to nourish our own bodies with food. They can give food, but we have to eat it.

There is healing available in celebration.

The healing of whatever stress may have ensued to get to this moment.

The healing of emotional wounds we’ve inflicted on our own psyche, through weeks, months, or even years of withholding admiration from ourselves.

The healing of a culture that values production and humbleness over creating space for reveling in the sweetness of a goal achieved and sincere awe of our own greatness.

So, how can you use celebration as medicine?

Is there something that you’ve achieved that you simply glazed over because you were on to the next thing?

Is there some part of you that you know is really fantastic that you’ve stifled and ignored?

Is there something that you’re proud of, but because you don’t want to feel like your bragging you haven’t told anyone?

Give yourself permission to celebrate these accomplishment, to celebrate your greatness. Because regardless of whether everyone else can see it, what you’re really searching for is your own love and approval. Give it. Give it abundantly and freely, because you deserve it.

I’ll start.

I’m super proud of my new website. It is something I’ve been envisioning for many months – and now it’s here! You should totally check it out when you’re done reading this article.

Now you. Tell me what you’re going to celebrate.


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