Blogs | Creating a Sacred Relationship with Your Business (video)

By Briana | March 1st 2021

Creating a Sacred Relationship with Your Business (video)

Awakening your Spiritual Consciousness
Have you struggled to find your flow with your business? Maybe the motivation to complete tasks just isn’t there and you procrastinate or feel like every project is a grind and is not how you want to spend your time. If so, I want to share with you how to find love, passion, and joy through connecting to the relational field of your business. In this special video I made for you this week, I outline the energetic practices needed to remind you of why you chose your business and the love behind your intention. Coming back into the joyful energy of your business is available to you in every moment. I know this practice will help you breathe new life into your business and remind you of the joy of your creation and why you chose this path. When we move into business with conscious intention in our energy, the gifts we can bring to the world are limitless.

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