By Briana | March 26th 2014

Creating Confidence


I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited about this workshop on Confidence I’m creating for mamas.  It’s going to be so much fun and life changing (or at least that’s the plan)!  I’m super passionate about helping people feel confident, and even more thrilled to help mamas feel confident so that they live as a role model for their children.

In 2011 I was at a conference where Mama Gena spoke.  She said something that changed my life forever.  She said “you don’t have to do anything to teach your child to be self-deprecating, self-doubting, you just have to be that way in front of them and they’ll replicate it.”

At that moment I realized that being confident wasn’t just something I needed to do for me, it was something that I had to do for my daughter.

I’m dedicated to creating my own confidence. – Tweet it 

For a lot of us, this feels like an elusive goal.  What does being confident even mean?  In fact on my quest for true understanding of confidence I asked my mentor for help and was told to not focus on feeling confident as it is fleeting, and instead just focus on moving forward toward my goals.

But when you attain goals and still feeling like crap about yourself, the success doesn’t have much meaning.

There are three things that I’ve found create confidence:

1.     Self-trust.  Creating trust in yourself to do what you say you’re going to do is essential in creating confidence.  If you don’t trust yourself to follow through, then it’s very difficult to rely on yourself and take big steps in life.

2.     Self-esteem. Knowing that your worth doesn’t come from outside sources or what you produce, but that you have intrinsic value just because you’re you.  Practicing deep self-love and forgiveness everyday helps build this tremendously.

3.     Competence.  We all have areas where we’re more and less confident, and much of this is related to our abilities and knowledge in these areas.  There is no way to be 100% confident in every scenario (that’s arrogance, not confidence and it’s not real).  If there is an area that you want to feel confident in that you currently don’t – you may just need to learn more about it and practice.  

For instance so many people don’t feel confident on stage – but if they just practiced and practiced, eventually they would be competent and if self-trust and self-esteem were in place, they would become confident.

What if this week you took a moment every day to focus on one of these three things?  I’m betting you would start feeling different inside and that shift would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with yourself.

Do it for yourself.  Or do it for your kids.  Or do it for the world.  But, do it.  Create your own unshakable confidence.

And if you live in Boulder and want to dive deeper into creating confidence, I’d love to see you at my workshop May 6 – 8th from 7 – 9 pm each day, just email me and I’ll send you the details.



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