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By Briana | December 21st 2016

Don’t stop yourself from giving


Friday, as I went through TSA in Denver I felt drawn to give one of the officers our book, The Well Life. I don’t really know why, as we often don’t when guided by intuition.

But I had one with me, and I asked if I could give it to him. He looked shocked and confused at first. Then he asked me to sign it and asked what it was about.

As I described to him that the essence of the book was to help guide people to creating truly well, extraordinary lives his face lit up. He said “you’re not going to believe this, but this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

He shook my hand. His name is Charles.

So so so many times I’ve felt drawn to give something to someone or do something for someone that I don’t know, and sometimes do know.

But I stop myself.

Almost always.

Because I feel shy, nervous, insecure and I don’t want to make people uncomfortable or have them reject my outreach.

And in this, I rob myself of the experience of being in the sweet discomfort that happens when we act from our hearts, of being in the space of two strangers and are really not all that strange exchanging kindness, a form of love.

When I reflect on this I feel sad that I’ve stolen away so many potentially beautiful moments from myself, and also determined to let my intuition steer more and my insecurities rest, to let my heart guide and my doubts and worries fall to the side.

Because I want to live in a world where we’re all reaching out to friends and strangers with our true selves and offerings, and it starts with me.

I’m up for the discomfort of this realness.

Wishing you beautiful, real, sweet holidays.


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