By Briana | December 17th 2012

Effortless Momentum


Have you had the experience of being “in the flow”? Where everything just seems to be showing up in your life at the right time and all of your goals are being reached effortlessly?

Do you love it when that happens? I do.

This is momentum and ooooh…it is the sweet spot.

I have found that if I don’t keep my agreements in my life – momentum just doesn’t happen. In fact, I think it is impossible to get in the flow if we aren’t impeccable with our word. Once you are managing your agreements consistently and over time, it begins, the first glimpses of ease in creation are seen.

Then to fan those sparks of flow into a bonfire of hot happenin’ effortless momentum – create a plan. When designing a plan, clarity is your best friend. Your plan needs to have clear goals, steps, and dates. Then work the sh*t out of your plan –move into action and get it done.

I am guessing that right now you are thinking “if I have to work at my plan then reaching my goals isn’t exactly effortless now is it”. But, here’s the magic: if you keep your agreements and make and work a plan toward a specific goal, your goals in all areas of your life start to just show up with ease. Effort and conflict melt away and you start to experience results at a very rapid pace.

Once you are in the flow and your momentum is unstoppable, surrender and be grateful, and keep your agreements and continue to make and work clear plans. In I-Chuan Tai Qi this is the idea of Sung and Gunn, to relax while working. It seems paradoxical, but it is essential to maintaining balance. One example my teacher Sifu Fong used to give is that of swimming. If you are only working while swimming you will be tense and you will sink. If you are only relaxed while swimming you will sink. You must find the balance of working and relaxing to effectively swim.

Now go and get in your flow – and then keep swimming.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and tell me about any glimpses of momentum you have been seeing in your life!

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