Blogs | Ever wonder how that girl got so lucky in love?

By Briana | April 1st 2015

Ever wonder how that girl got so lucky in love?


I just got back from a super fun trip to San Francisco where I got to spend time with my Mastermind ladies for a few days and then explored the Bay with my family. It was such an incredible experience. Not so relaxing to travel with a 4 month old and a 7 year old – but super fun and playful.


One of the main things that I kept reflecting on while we were wandering about, was how grateful I am to have a relationship with my husband that is nourishing, supportive, and . . . button pushing. I know that’s odd to be grateful for the button pushing, but let me explain.

When Peter and I got married we agreed that we would always use our relationship as an opportunity for growth. That when we got agitated, angry, and annoyed we wouldn’t take a step out of the relationship, but rather dive deeper into what was under all that mess. We would explore they “why” of our triggers and help each other unravel them. It’s made a huge difference in my life and it’s friggin’ hard. Like really hard. But so worth it.

I get asked a lot about our relationship and how we make it work and such and I’m always happy to share any and all tips I have for having an awesome relationship, but truly I believe that it all starts with choosing well. Not just choosing your partner, but with a partner you already have, choosing the quality of relationship you want to create together. When you play an active and engaged roll in creating the tone of the experience, you’re more likely to get what you want.

My friend Kavita is my go to girl for helping me stay aligned with my purpose and passion in my relationship. She does not let me get away with all the immature places I can go when I’m upset. And she’s helping thousands of women find and create high quality relationships with her new free Soul Level Love training series, so I thought I would share her with you in case you are looking for that perfect relationship or looking to make your relationship perfect.

Click here now to grab your seat and join the conversation.

I think you’ll love what she has to say in this entire series. I find that every time I engage with Kavita, I’m able to go a little deeper into what my relationship can be and how it can feel. I want this for you, I want this for the world. I truly believe soul level love can change the world.

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