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By Briana | March 2nd 2018

Finding Your Balance


So many people ask me how I balance my life. Between work and family and travel and friends and self care – it can feel overwhelming to try to fit it all in and not feel like a crazy person. I so get it. But, here’s the thing – creating balance isn’t a division of time game, it’s a unification game – it’s about where you come from.

I made a little video for you talking about how to create your own unique, dynamic balance, watch it, and then let me know what the first step toward balance is that you’re going to take this weekend.


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  • Shawna says:

    Thank you, Briana. Balance is something I am becoming more adept at since I’ve been following the Rituals for Transformation and the Dreambook/Planner; actually all of the courses and books have contributed. This weekend, in particular, my goal is to meditate in the morning and evenings, journal, plan (bootcamp) and spend time with nature. In order to avoid temptation, I am planning and preparing meals ahead of time which also alleviates stress during the week when I don’t have to decide what we are going to eat. It is all good. Thank you.

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