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By Briana | September 21st 2016

Four rules for investing in you


I’m so incredibly grateful for all the mentorship I’ve received in my life.

From people that have known me, and those I’ve never met in person.

My first business coach guided me out of being an employee in my business and moving me into manager (with the goal of entrepreneur).

Then I had my business whisperer, who taught me how to use our business numbers to tell a true story of what was going on so I could be anywhere in the world and run my business.

Next I joined a Mastermind that changed my life by aligning me with other entrepreneurs that totally got my heart and helped me develop confidence.

And then I hired a coach that helped  align the energy of my businesses and my soul – she was amazing.

Now my current coach is half soul-brother half CEO badass that totally gets me in every way and believes in my mission and my person.

And in between I’ve taken courses, attended conferences, watched videos, read books, and participated with other entrepreneurs to expand our missions and businesses.

I’m in the game. I’ve invested in my education. And I implement like a mother.

And I’m so so happy to share my knowledge with my friends that are taking action.

I’m delighted to answer a good tactical question.

I love to mock up designs for people if they’re stuck. Or give my opinion on a logo.

I plan to spend a lot of my life investing in others, as others have invested in me so heavily.

But, here’s the thing:

It takes a lot of effort to share knowledge and answer questions and give feedback and invest in others.  It’s effort that I, and tons and tons of other amazing people, are willing to do, but there are a few little bits that make it so much easier:

1. Ask really great questions.  

It’s definitely an art to ask a good and specific question.  I think a lot of the time we just want someone to “fix” what is feeling broken or give us some gem that is going to catapult our lives, but no one can do that for you.  You may have an aha moment from something someone says – but it’s your doing, not theirs.

And by formulating a really great question, you often gain a deeper understanding of the problem and the whole situation.  And by the time you receive an answer you’ll be in a better place to understand why that answer is meaningful.

2. Invest in yourself.

Both financially and with your time.  A good coach is worth so so much as they can bring you to the next level.  But also, read books, take courses, and really dive into figuring it out.  You can totally do it.

And if you want to get mentored by someone, it’s wise to know their work, to have invested in their books, programs, etc.

3. Go all in.

A couple years ago, I got this message from someone that I hadn’t talked to since middle school “I’m toying with the idea of starting a beard and mustache products company and wanted to pick your brain. Do you have any advice?”  Not only does it violate number one in a huge way, but it also is asking me to invest my time and energy before you’ve even committed to the idea yourself.

Get. In. The. Game.

You can’t win by watching.

4. Implement.

When you have a coach, ask advice, or go to a conference and learn something – it is all meaningless if you don’t implement.  Really implement.  Do the work and do it right.

You’ll see that if you do this, it’s much more likely that people will want to mentor and invest in you cause they see that you are going to make it happen.

These are four rules I live by, and have gotten me so far in my business and my life and that I continually refer to when I seek out support from others.  Because I know I’m not done growing and evolving and I plan to continue to learn from others as long as I live.  

You aren’t done here either – there is so much growth and opportunity ahead for you.  Invest in you.  You’re worth it.


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