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By Briana | August 14th 2013

It occurred to me that…


Today I was working out and I remembered something that my mom used to tell me when we would exercise together: “You get the body you train for.”  Meaning if you go through your workout just doing the motions without giving it your all in the way you know you’re supposed to,your results will be … eh.  But if you fully engage  your body, maintain good form, and push your limits, your results will be astounding.

It occurred to me that we get the life we train for – the attitude we practice for – the relationship we work for – tweet it.

We get the attitude we practice for – the critical difference between those two different approaches to working out is attitude. Only you know whether you’re diving in with confidence, fierceness, and a spirit of this is it.

We also get the relationship we work for. Only you know whether you’re working it – clearing your baggage, showing up fully, playing with abandon – you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And finally, we get the life we train for. Only you know whether you’re engaging all your “muscles,” maintaining good “posture,” and pushing your limits.

This. Is. It.  We don’t get the lives of our dreams by blaming others or the universe when we don’t get what we want, or expecting things to be handed to us on a plate, or being afraid to stick our neck out, or doing things half-assed but expecting the whole ass in return.  We don’t become happy by complaining and grumbling all day.  We don’t get a rockin’ love life by nagging, not showing up fully but expecting the other person to, secretly putting small amounts of drugs or poison in our partner’s food and toothpaste,. and being belligerent.

Train yourself to think, feel, and act in accordance with your soul’s drive It’s just like an ab workout – you can do crunches with your feet pinned under something and pulling your neck with your arms, while basically letting your abdominal muscles remain flacid, but all you get is a kink in your neck and a flabby belly.

Practicing with good form in life isn’t always easy, and that’s okay. You may forget and grumble about the crumbs in your butter, and that’s okay.  It’s about catching yourself, becoming aware, forgiving any half-assedness and coming back to living the life you want right now.

Those muscles will get stronger.

I believe in you.

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  • Dr. Samantha says:

    There are so many places this applies, already thinking of how I can pass the idea on to patients. And as an aside, your mom’s comment is going to be my new gym mantra!

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