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By Briana | May 28th 2014

Light Heart, Strong Wings


As a driven entrepreneur I’m often launching a new location, program, client love system, or product. The most fun part of the process for me is always the ideation and vision for the project, and when it’s time for the nitty gritty detail work that is inevitably necessary I often find myself getting very serious about crushing it and effectively sucking all joy out of the project.

This has been my pattern for years and even though I know “better,” I still find myself turning a free flowing river of dynamic expression into something of a stagnant swamp when it’s time to get down to business. Do you ever find yourself dipping or even wading in those waters?

When I decided to launch my 14 Day Get Anything You Want Challenge, I did so with the intention that it would be purely for fun and impact, and that I wouldn’t allow myself to get weighed down with specific goals of how many people would join or what percentage of folks would share with their friends.

And yet, somehow last week I found myself stressing out about opt-ins and conversion rates and putting on my Serious Briana Face. Not fun.

Luckily, that evening I was out at a party and someone asked me about my arm tattoos.


I got these tattoos to remind me to always be loving and to live with a light heart and strong wings. As I shared my story with this new friend at the party, I remembered my commitment to having fun and making a difference for people with this launch, and suddenly opt-ins and conversion rates felt like Monopoly money – just part of the game.

Forget your conditioning: anxiety, stress and emotional heaviness are not a recipe for success.

How can you have a light heart and strong wings? (No tattoos required)

Strong wings are the engine for getting where you want to go This means having a structure for fulfilling your project that is healthy, strong, and reliable.

In business this may mean having a team in place that is well trained, dependable, and ready to rock. In your personal life this may mean having a family environment that is nurturing and supportive.

Setting clear goals is useful in giving loft to your wings as well, so you know where you’re headed. And then releasing attachment to the goals is like cutting the ropes or dropping the sandbags that keep us from really soaring and helps us live] with a light heart.

Maintaining lightness in our hearts doesn’t just feel good; it’s essential to allowing our strong wings to take us where we want to go. The lighter we can be, the more ease we invite.

One way to cultivate a light heart is to remember the why of what you’re doing. What was the reason for the project in the first place? How did you imagine it would feel? Connect back to that feeling and check in with yourself to see how you can bring more of that feeling into the process at every step.

Setting and reaching major goals is more rewarding and more sustainable when it feels like a fun and meaningful game. – Tweet it

What games are you playing? Do you think of your projects and launches as fun or as a gigantic boulder you need to heft?

I’d love to have you join my Get Anything You Want Challenge if you haven’t already, and explore shifting into joy around getting your goals.

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