This anxiety relief meditation will bring a sense of grounded peace back into your life.There has never been a better time to explore the healing power of meditation. This 10 minute guided meditation creates lasting relief from anxiety and stress while you de-clutter your mind and discover lasting transformation. In this video, we will go on a journey together to release tension, and the emotions that are hindering our growth and connection to our highest selves. This meditation will allow you to calm the overactive, overthinking mind, connect to your breath and can be used as a perfect transition to becoming calm and relaxed before you go to bed. Meditation improves overall health and creates a greater sense of well-being when practiced regularly and there has never been a better time to let go of stress and anxiety while strengthening the mind, body and soul. Grab a comfortable seat and join me for this powerful 10 minute anxiety-relieving meditation.

(We advise you to not listen to this meditation while driving.)