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By Briana | November 15th 2016

My next right action


Last week we received our early release The Well Life books.  I was so excited to share them with you, and then . . . the US election happened and I couldn’t get myself to celebrate, or focus, or really do much of anything.  I needed to be with my heart and get quiet to know the next right action to be of service.

Over the weekend we were with friends and were talking politics, life, and love.  It was inspiring and enlivening, I felt incredibly grateful to be in community.  Then I mentioned our new book and our friend Jefferson said, “yes, this is exactly what I need right now.  This is exactly what we all need.”  And I realized with great clarity that my next right action was to do my work in the world with grace and resolve, to help activate the purpose of others so that they go out in the world and create more and more peace.  While, of course, also doing my part daily.

So, here I am, sharing and celebrating our book with, a book that Peter and I put so much love and soul into.  A book that we hope will ignite something in you, to move you forward with passion and love and joy.  A book that we know can change the world.  

We decided to write this book because after over a decade of working with clients we kept hearing from them that even though they had relatively healthy bodies and minds, they weren’t able to create for themselves their big dreams and balanced lives they so desired.  This made us expand our definition of wellness:

True wellness goes beyond a functional mind and body to include a life of peace, balance, and happiness.  A life in which we feel aligned with our purpose and able to achieve big goals and hone our gifts and share them with the world. A life full of supportive, loving relationships.  A life with ample income.  A life with meaningful success.

As we explored the depths of what that meant and how to create that in our lives, we came to these three elements: Sweetness, Structure, and Space that are essential for making it happen.  In The Well Life: How to use Sweetness, Structure, and Space to create Happiness, Balance, and Peace we show you how to use these elements to create an extraordinary life.

You can order our book now here: and if you do it on our site soon we’ll include our 8-part Foundation Course to get you started on your journey for FREE!

The Well Life Foundation Course teaches the self-care practices that offer the biggest return on your investment of time and energy. We call this “Foundation,” because when you adopt these routines, you will build a strong physical and psychological foundation that will support you to live a healthy and fulfilling life, to take on ambitious goals, to live in alignment with your values and purpose, and to bring your gifts and potential into the world. 

I hope that you love our book.  I’m so grateful to have you in my community.



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