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By Briana | February 6th 2013

Nurture your body, nurture your dreams


A couple weeks ago I held a Virtual Vision Board party, and it was a friggin’ blast. I’ve had dozens of people sending me photos of their vision/action boards since then. I’m loving it!

On the call I covered action cards, which is what makes my vision board process not only different, but in my humble opinion, more effective. As we went over these cards I had several requests to talk about each action more thoroughly in the future. Well . . . your wish is my command.

For anyone who wasn’t at the party, each action card directs you to do something to help facilitate the achievement of the goals on your board. You pull one randomly whenever you get inspired by your vision board (which is hopefully daily.)

The first action I’m going to dive into is: Do something to nurture your body.

Your body is the hot ass home for your soul. – Tweet it.

Take good care of it. When we decide to step up and make our dreams happen in a big way, one of the things that can fall to the wayside pretty quickly is the care of our bodies. We start living like we’re just the round thing on top of our neck, and perhaps – hopefully – our heart also. But the truth is, when we integrate our whole body into the equation –magic happens!

The health of your body affects your mood, your thinking, and your energy to get stuff done. So, there’s more than just a vague correlation between deeply nourishing your body and having your dream life.

When you draw this action card (go ahead make one for yourself today), try some of my favorite ways to nurture your body:

Exercise – Your body was made to move! Find a way to move your body that you enjoy. Exercise can and should be fun. Do some yoga, dance, kickbox, hike, jump on the trampoline. Do it daily. And when you draw this card, go a little extra.

Water – In order for our bodies to operate optimally, we need to be well hydrated. Pour yourself a glass of water and enjoy. We all know we need to be consuming water – but don’t let the simplicity of the idea dilute its importance. Try to drink half the number of pounds you weigh in ounces of water each day.

Love – Give your body some lovin’. A hot bath, a warm oil self-massage, a pedicure. Anything you think would be sweet to do for someone else’s body – do it to your own (if possible).

Healthy Food – Cook up a delicious and nutritious meal that has tons of veggies and makes your mouth water. Try a recipe you haven’t made before. Spice it up.

Take a Nap – Explore the art of the siesta. Sometimes your body just needs a little down time. Naps aren’t just for toddlers and the Spanish – enjoy a sweet daytime slumber.

Your ability to share your gifts with the world depends, in part, on how effectively your body can execute the drive in your heart. The less encumbered and more vibrant your body is, the more the less likely it is to be a hindrance to your work and the more likely it is to be your ally.

I’d love to hear from you about your favorite way to nurture your body. Scroll down and share in the comments.

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