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Rituals for Transformation is a workbook of morning and evening rituals that will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and awakening. Each day is centered around a single lesson you can read in just a few minutes. You’ll do a meditation on that lesson and choose a related intention for the day. In the writing space for morning and evening reflections, you’ll engage with the material, discover insights,  and express your gratitude for all the blessings in your life.


Reviews (1)
Reviews (1)

1 review for Rituals for Transformation Hardcopy

  1. Diana Turner

    The life changing experience opportunity guided by this book is like getting 108 plus days of sublime coaching for the soul meeting you where your at right now.

    This process is one of the top 3 healing modalities I’ve encountered over 20 plus years seeking personal transformation of limiting beliefs.

    I was fortunate to have the book fall off a shelf at a thrift store making itself known to me in Jan 2021 as the looming second year of the pandemic and climate crisis weighed heavy and I was adrift at a very inner personal turbulent time.

    I scanned the pages and was amazed to see it empty and wondered how this book got to this place? Why was it bought and not used? I was convinced it was definitely a gift for me after reading for the influences in crafting such a workbook.

    I was wickedly delighted to be invited to write on the pages too! A taboo growing up that I’ve overcome with much joy and have often written in margins and underlined those phrases that hit home, yet not found a book like this format.

    Every day in this journal you will be captivated by what your heart echoes back as you reflect on the thoughtful, prayerful, channeled ideas shared. You’ll want to underline, highlight, savor, and absorb the wisdom eloquence beautifully complied in this sacred book. You’ll begin to notice the subtle life giving changes from daily reflective and meditative practices garnered from your inner will giving you the tenacity to stay with the process! The writing is so compelling curiosity for what’s next in the text as well as how will my inner guidance respond leads the way!

    Thank you Brianna and Peter from the depth of my soul for your following through on bringing this gift into the world.

    Im ordering my second copy and eager to have a third go around!! This delightful daily deeply challenging process means so much to me.

    I’m trusting the transformative simple structure for better navigating the challenges of the Great Turning that you lovingly birthed and shared with us all.

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