Soul Spark Meditation Series


This powerful three-part meditation series will help you connect to your purpose and potential, find and set your inner compass towards your goals and desires, and activate your will to take the first steps towards bringing your light into the world. This series is perfect for those who know they were meant for more but aren’t sure yet what more is, or how to get there. Each guided meditation in this series is approximately 15 minutes in length. You can start the series at the beginning, or jump into whichever recording speaks to you in the moment. Come back to any meditation in the series to help you through when you need a reminder that you are powerful beyond measure, and peaceful beyond compare. 



About The Meditations

#1 – Connect to Your Purpose- In a world of almost infinite possibilities, it can be hard to know what you were meant for. Do you know your purpose? What were you meant to do on this earth, given your unique background, experiences, perspective, gifts and skills? There is only one YOU, and you were meant for more. If you have no idea, or if the vision is murky or clouded, this meditation will help you find the answer we all seek – what am I here for?

#2 – Find Your Inner Compass – You’ve got your purpose – you know why you are here. But how do you keep that purpose in mind each and every time you’re faced with a decision? How do you keep on your path when challenges rise up before you, or possibly conflicting opportunities sparkle at you from outside your path? This meditation will help you vividly visualize that ideal life and then set your inner compass to guide you to manifest that life.

#3 – Activate Your Will – You’ve discovered your purpose and set your compass towards that distant point. Now…what’s next? How do you move through the inertia of beginning, the uncertainty of knowing what will happen, or how to do it? How do you breakthrough years, or even decades, of fear, distrust, and disappointment, to make the moves towards your true work in the world? This meditation will help you activate your will to make those first moves towards your goals.


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