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January 10th through February 1st

Worthy: Remember and Reclaim Yourself

Our potential fully realized – our connection into the depths of our worthiness – heals the collective and opens us up to a world of possibilities beyond our wildest dreams

Come home to your innate worth

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February 7th - 9th

Magic Money: Activate Your Yower to Create Abundance

A free 3 day ceremony & workshop.

Get on the path of being magnetic with money and experience the exquisite delight of mutual attraction.


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January 20th, 2023

Sacred Relationships Volume 3: Communication and Divine Energetics

During this intensive you’ll learn how to use communication and Divine energetics in ways that reflect your heart, your desires, and your boundaries clearly.


  • Learn skills in communication that will help you represent the truest version of you in your relationships and out in the world.
  • Practice new ways of seeing yourself and other that elevate you both into the Divine and experience how that shifts your consciousness and your actions.
  • Play with creating agreements that uplevel your life.

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