Blogs | Walking the Path with the Most Energetic Power (video)

By Briana | September 6th 2021

Walking the Path with the Most Energetic Power (video)

Spiritual Awakening

Here’s the thing: in our lives, we are constantly presented with all sorts of choices to make about how we’re going to live, what we’re going to do, and who/what we’re going to align ourselves with. And for many people, these decisions are made from a place of fear. They’re made to protect ourselves from something we don’t want to happen, rather than support us in creating circumstances we do want.

Making decisions out of fear is energetically constrictive – not expansive. The strategy of minimizing loss or discomfort isn’t a strategy of expansion and growth – it’s a strategy of maintenance, at best.

In my high level small groups that I lead, one of our most essential foci is where the most energetic power is, and how to use it to fuel our earthly and spiritual goals. In this week’s video, I want to show you how to use this skill to navigate your path, too.

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