Blogs | What is Spiritual Bypassing and How to Stop Doing It (video)

By Briana | November 30th 2020

What is Spiritual Bypassing and How to Stop Doing It (video)

Awakening your Spiritual Consciousness
Many of us want to live our life with a spiritual approach, but what if we are using spiritual bypassing to let ourselves off the hook rather than taking opportunities to build upon our spiritual growth?
And what is spiritual bypassing exactly?
Spiritual bypassing is something that is used as a crutch (for the ego) to inhibit spiritual growth especially when that growth is painful or difficult, like with the passing of a loved one. It is a coping mechanism that allows the ego to land comfortably in a challenging situation rather than using that moment to look into the shadows, face the discomfort, and then heal and transform as a result. In this video, I outline some of the common forms of spiritual bypassing and what we can do to expand and heal instead of allowing the ego to limit our spiritual growth.

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