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By Briana | May 21st 2014

Who are you telling?


Even while I prepare my Get What You Want 14 day challenge for you, I’ve also been challenging myself.

Last week I had the opportunity to spend three fabulous days with a group of high performing, deep thinking, soul connecting entrepreneurs in the mountains of Colorado.  It was such an honor to get to be part of this amazing group and open up to new ideas and experiences.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was a workshop where we shared our goals with one another and also shared what assistance we felt we needed to get that goal.  Then we all had the chance to let each other know if we could help them in the requested way.

I loved this exercise so much for four reasons.

  1. I realized that even though I was super clear on what my goals were, being crystal clear about what kind of help I needed was something I hadn’t done.When you ask for vague help you get blah results.  But when you get laser clarity around what you’re asking for, it’s easier for those who want to help you to step up.
  2. There were crazy/awesome things people wanted to do that I would’ve had no idea about if we hadn’t done this exercise.Sharing your dreams and goals with your network is essential.Tweet it – You never know who you know that may have a connection or solution that you need.  And you’ll never know if you don’t start telling people what you’re going for.
  3. As I read other people’s needs, I was surprised how much I truly wanted to help and how much I could help. People want to help you. It feels good to contribute to other people’s dreams, so allow them the opportunity to be there for you.
  4. When I got my goals back and saw how many people could and would help me I was amazed at the resources that were available to me that I had had no idea about.Sometimes it’s as easy as asking.  The simple task of putting out the request for help can feel overwhelming, but – trust me – it’s totally worth it.

These are things we can do with every goal in our lives, and if we did we’d see better and faster results and get the added benefit of creating closer communities.

In my free Get What You Want 14 Day Challenge  we play with the principles of creating our lives to be exactly how we want for two weeks.  I hope that you join us!



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