By Briana | May 14th 2014

That thought is HOT


For the last few months I’ve been having crazy dreams.  Maybe it’s pregnancy hormones, but man, oh man, there was some feature film material in there!  The other night I woke up from an especially twisted plot to my own voice in my head yelling, “You suck! You fail at everything.”


We all have inner critics, but usually the messages are quieter, just under the radar enough that we aren’t conscious of them.  A steady stream of self-doubt and negativity that silently undermines our confidence and our work in the world

Having my inner critic get loud and boisterous was actually a blessing.  Instead of seething beneath my daily experience, it was crystal clear, and cuttingly painful.

Most of us spend our lives either ignoring or trying to squelch these thoughts.  Like my brother says, “Take those emotions, bottle them up and bury them deep, deep, deep, down inside.”  And though he is kidding when he says this, it’s truly what many of us have done from a very early age.  The result?  A life that isn’t as light and playful and happy as it once was or seems it could be.

No more.

Pump up the volume on those thoughts.  Uncork that bottle and let it flow to the surface.  Shine light into the darkest places in your mind and see what’s there.

When we can clearly hear our inner critic it hurts sharply, like touching a hot stove.  Which is a good thing because it doesn’t take long to learn not to touch a hot stove, right?  Similarly it won’t take long to learn to be fiercely protective of yourself when it comes to these negative thoughts.

When I woke up to the mean girl in my head shouting at me, I didn’t internalize that thought and beat myself up for days.  Because it was loud and abusive, I defended myself with a few choice words of my own, telling that idea where to stick it.  Done.

Being willing to uncover what’s going on beneath the surface takes courage, but I know you can do it.  Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

Time for a spring cleaning of your mind.

In my Get It: Create Anything You Want course,we get do some deep cleaning so that you have the freedom to truly make anything happen in your life.  I would love it if you would join me next month.

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