Blogs | 7 Steps to Forgiveness – Step 3

By Briana | December 5th 2022

7 Steps to Forgiveness – Step 3

Discovering your Sacred Life

I’ve recently launched a 7-week series on my YouTube channel to help you deep into the process of understanding, accepting, and integrating the concept and action steps involved in forgiving not just the folks around you, but yourself too – and the response has been amazing so far! 

Click here to catch Step 1 and Step 2!

This week I want to talk about Step 3: Considering that lifelong punishment may actually be unreasonable.

It’s crucial to realize that so much of the forgiveness we’re struggling with is often with ourselves – and that can be a challenging realization! 

I can’t wait to share the rest of the 7 steps over the next several weeks, and see how each new piece of wisdom you’re able to integrate over this time is able to transform how you approach your relationships both to others and to yourself. 

You are worthy of self-love.

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