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By Briana | February 5th 2014

7 ways to a happy haven


Here in Colorado we’re getting tons of snow, and I’m loving being cozied up in my warm house with my family.  I’m an extrovert by nature, but being in my home is one of my favorite things.

One of the reasons that I love being in my house is because it’s a soothing and inspiring environment for me.  I do my best work at home, enjoy my deepest meditations at home, and have the best dance parties at home.  I’m not saying all this to make you want to come visit, but to highlight the importance of the spaces we create.

When you create a space that is organized, well appointed, and calming, you’re able to do your best work in the world – even if you don’t do your work at home.  This is because when your home is your sanctuary it becomes a recharge station.  Filling you up, so that you can be focused, relaxed, and ready to express your gifts in the world.

You don’t have to be a designer to create a home that feels good to you (though working with an interior designer is super fun and they have lots of great ideas.). You can start with just a few simple tweaks to spruce up your space.


Here are seven things you can do this month to make your home a happy haven.

1) Donate stuff you don’t use or don’t like.  If you have a bunch of things that you simply don’t care for, they represent a sort of energetic stagnation or even “dead spots” in your space, especially if you don’t even use them.

Get rid of things that stop your flow.

Even if it was a present from someone that you love, if looking at it doesn’t bring you joy, then purge it, or put it in storage.

Recently I went through my closet and got rid of all the clothing that I didn’t LOVE.  At first I was totally scared, because I thought, “What if I get invited to a picnic in the snow after a wedding?  I will certainly need this fur lined dress then!”  But, once I decided that if it wasn’t love, it wasn’t invited, I cleared room in my closet to really enjoy the clothes that remained.  It was majorly freeing.

2) Design your space to be effective.  Kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and workshops are all places with tools for accomplishing tasks.  Whether it’s cooking thanksgiving dinner or getting ready in the morning, if your space is laid out in a useful and intuitive way, everything will flow better and you will save time.

If you need help figuring out how to make your space more effective, consider the order in which you do tasks in that space and the frequency with which you use things.  For instance it’s helpful to have pots and pans near the stove, but if you rarely use the stockpot it would make sense to put it behind the other pots and pans.

3) Make it beautiful.  You deserve to have a gorgeous space that makes you feel inspired and happy.  You have the whole palate of light, color, scent, texture, and sound at your disposal.  Try candles, fresh flowers, art, and music.

Saved_Image_20140205_0840074) Create special spaces within your home for different activities.  Having a little reading nook or a crafting area that feels inviting not only encourages you to do those things, but also makes your home feel uniquely you.

5) Plan for what you really want.  If you want to have family dinners around the table, then don’t allow the table to be a receptacle for mail and receipts.  Designate a place for those things so that your table is clear for your meals.

6) Make a place for everything and put everything in its place. When you have a specific location for each thing you own, then you’ll easily be able to find that thing when you want it.  This saves time and energy searching for things and will make your space more calming for you.  When you get something new, decide where its “home” is.  Then you’ll only have to think once about it, and you won’t have to waste your attention on it again.

7) Fill your home with objects you love, things that inspire you.  More is not better. A few things that delight you are far superior to a bunch of things that you bought because they were on sale or the latest trend.

If you’re enthused about making your space a place that you love, you can find all sorts of creative ways to design online.  One of my favorite sites is Design Sponge.

Even if you aren’t ready to get all crafty with your home, a few little tweaks can make a major difference in the energy and feeling of your space.  When your living and work spaces feel clear and nourishing, you’ll flourish. – Tweet it

Of these seven ideas, what are you going to implement this month?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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