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By Briana | February 12th 2014

Makers on a mission.


The other week I spent some quality time with girlfriends in San Francisco.  We had lovely meals, went to Callistoga to spa, had a baby blessing, and talked and laughed for days.  These are the kinds of moments that nourish my soul and fill me up so that I can get back to my work in the world with joy.

I’ve had people say “you’re so lucky to get to do things like that in the middle of the week,” and though I do feel thrilled that I can, um….luck has nothing to do with it.  I’ve spent over a decade creating businesses that thrive without me, serving our community while I’m away, and doing a fantastic job doing it.  It was thoroughly planned this way.

You can have freedom, you just have to plan for it. – Tweet it.

I started my business when I was 23.  While my friends were gallivanting around the country, going to Burningman and having “epic adventures”, I was figuring out Quickbooks and hiring staff.  There were definitely times when I was jealous that they had so much freedom to do whatever they wanted, but I also knew that I was willing to invest in myself and my business so that I could experience a different kind of freedom when I was older. Freedom to be with my kids whenever they needed me, freedom to have long lunches with my husband, and freedom to explore the world with people I love.

The biggest gift of freedom I’ve received through this investment of time and energy, it the gift to be able to do work I’m really passionate about, with a mission.

So, when Erin Peluso asked me to be part of a The Global Entrepreneur Freedom Summit  and talk about passion and mission, I couldn’t refuse.  I have a ridiculously huge love for entrepreneurs, and helping them feel more engaged by stoking their fire is such a gift.

If you have your own business, or are thinking about starting your own business, check out the summit.  It’s full of information to help you make more money, feel more positive, and achieve the kind of freedom you really want….oh, and it’s free.

I talk about stuff in this interview that I don’t talk about often, and it’s so much my hearts work.  I think you’ll love it.

Can’t wait for the summit to get started?  Here’s an exercise to help you start living your purpose today.

Practice coming from choice about everything that you do for the rest of the day.   If you make dinner for your family – consciously choose it.  If you play Candy Crush for an hour – consciously choose it.  If you curl up with a book – consciously choose it.  If you go through spreadsheets for work – consciously choose it.


Say out loud, “I’m choosing to….” And then continue with what you’re about to do.  You’re in charge.

Coming from a place of choice is the first step in living from your purpose.

I’d love to hear from you about how this goes for you. Leave a comment and let me know how consciously choosing your activities affects your life, and then join me at The Global Entrepreneur Freedom Summit  to take the next step.



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