By Briana | October 23rd 2013

Be a Warrior


Do you know why I’m here?  Why I write to you every week?  Because I am dedicated to helping you have the life of your dreams.

There are psychological barriers to taking the risks that will move you toward your dream.  There is a cost of entry into a paradigm that sets you free.  There are cozy and familiar patterns that must be released in order to move forward and get what you want … what you really want.

The risk of not going for your dreams – is bigger.

The cost of staying where you are . . . is more.

Those old thoughts . . . are crap.

Be a warrior for your dreams. Break down the barriers, be disciplined, and release what isn’t serving you.   – Tweet it


Being a proper dream warrior means knowing when to push, when to be receptive, and when to let go.  This takes practice.  Most of us aren’t born with these skills and didn’t have parent that taught them to us either.

So how do we train for this position?

–        Build self trust.  The more you trust yourself to do what you say you’re going to do, the more confident you will become.  This means not only doing what you tell others you will do, but doing what you tell yourself you will do.  All. The. Time.

And when you mess it up (which you will – we all do), you clean it up.  So, when you say you’ll go piñata with a friend and you cancel on them last minute – clean it up.  Be apologetic and sincere and try to make it up to them with a significant gesture.
If you lack this level of personal integrity, it is very hard to rely on yourself to make big things happen.  But you can make big things happen.  I know it.  Start with little things and build trust in yourself.

–        Meditate.  Often we think that people who are intuitive are born with some sort of special power.  But it’s available to everyone.  It’s less about gaining something, and more about learning to listen.

Meditation is the practice of quieting our minds, paying attention, being with the present.  It trains us to be able to hear our insights clearly and to know whether it’s time to act, receive, let go, or something else…

–        Take action and be present with the results.  You must move toward your dreams … meaning actually do stuff.  And as you take steps, observe what happens.  Are the results what you were expecting?  If not, adjust.  Then move forward again, observe, adjust.  Repeat.

This training is not for the weak.  It’s not the easy way, it’s the heart way. Today (yes today) will you do these three things to the best of your ability?  I’d love to hear about your results even after just one dayin the comments.  Start now.  It will never be easier to start than it is today, and the practices will get more natural every day.

Your warrior princess,

PS – Here’s a little more inspiration to  Live Like a Warrior!

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