By Briana | October 16th 2013

Allowing your wild


Last weekend I had the honor of watching Ani Difranco perform in a very intimate setting. I’ve been a huge fan of her since I was in high school. I relished her lyrical genius and was inspired by her total badassness. You know how some music can transport you back to another time in your life? Yeah…that happened.


In high school (and middle school) I was a bit of a wild child. I was opinionated and outspoken, I was a tad reckless, I was clearly lead by my heart and desires, I was willing to try anything…I was a bit unleashed. I was also a very good student, a hard worker, and a compassionate volunteer, but I’m pretty sure those aren’t the qualities that would have first come to mind for my parents.

As I got older I became more refined, a little less likely to give my unsolicited opinion to a stranger or streak naked down the street on a dare. I focused my attention on creating a business that facilitates people’s peace and balance. I used my work ethic, my desire to learn, and my love of helping others to make massive things happen.

I’m glad of it.

I realize now that I needed to tame my wildness and conform a bit – to play by the rules – in order to use the system to get what I wanted. And, now I’m grateful to have moved beyond convention and able to fully embrace my untamed self. It feels like reuniting with my magic. As a teenager it controlled me; now I direct it – using it to energize my being and live life fully.

I know you know what I’m talking about. Maybe for you it wasn’t as a teenager – perhaps it was when you were a kid or when you were in college, but we all have passionate life force coursing through us. We learn to suppress it, to restrain it, to be polite, perfect, and socially acceptable.

We learn to be boring.

But YOU are not boring. And I want to fan the flames of your fire. Maybe you just need permission to give attention to that spark?

Permission fully granted.

Or maybe you need a night out with your wildest friend, where you don’t try to shield the world from them, and instead jump on their crazy train and take a ride.

Get in touch with your wildness, it’s one of your greatest powers. I’m not suggesting that you go out and break too many laws or put yourself or others in danger – that’s recklessness, not wildness. Instead I’m suggesting that you go dance your ass off, sing at the top of your lungs while you drive to work, jump into the ocean with your clothes on. Let what moves you really move you. Feel the world and allow yourself to experience it completely.

If you’re worried about what other people will think of you – a little bit of “fuck it” goes a long way. – Tweet it

Maybe they’ll think you’re crazy. But, likely you’ll be giving them the permission to connect to their inner spark and get a little unrestrained themselves.

I’d love to hear from you. Tell me how you feel and what you do when you unleash yourself from the poise of perfection. Scroll down to the comments and share.

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