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By Briana | May 20th 2015

A life that feels good to live


I spent my weekend doing a little yard work, hanging out with my kids and friends, and creating house art projects with Peter. All things that from the outside might not look exciting, but nevertheless some of my favorite things to do.

That’s the thing I’ve found: a full life that feels good to live doesn’t have to look like sipping piña coladas on the beach every day.  It might mean doing that sometimes, but I know that the people I jibe with also want to make an impact on the world and express themselves creatively.  And they can also find great enjoyment in the low key, everyday stuff with their tribe.

Here’s a picture of the hanging chairs we put up this weekend:


But, often, we are bogged down with our to-do list, procrastinating, and saying yes to things that don’t light us up. So, we don’t have the time for the things that positively impact our happiness and health the most.

That’s why we created the Rituals for Living Dreambook. So that you can really tap into what enlivens you, moves you, and nourishes you and then prioritize those things like your life depends on it – because, truly, the quality of our lives does depend on it.

I’ve had so many questions about the Dreambook that I thought I would share with you a little bit about it and why we decided to run our campaign on Kickstarter.

Our Dreambook (and Dreambook+Planner) was created to be a holistic life planning tool that walks you through the processes for living a deeply satisfying and meaningful life.

The first section is Connect

We start by connecting with what’s really important to you. This section is designed to help you identifyyour core values, your gifts and your life purpose.

Then Dream

This is the space to stretch your imagination around what you might think is possible. Stop playing small and start seeing yourself as the magical creator that you are. You can create anything you want. We want to help ensure that what you’re creating reflects your highest potential and most authentic self.

Next is Craft

This is where it gets real. You’ll be selecting items from the Dream section to pursue, and you’ll create mind maps to flesh them out.

And then the fun and unique part: Ritualize

Now it’s time to come up with the rituals that will make this process fun, meaningful, and an integral part of your life.

And of course . . . Plan

Yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning is essential to keep you on track with your big dreams, your happiness, and your health.

These five sections are so essential and we’ve reflected earnestly on our own struggles and successes, searched our hearts, and worked our minds to present this in a way that will bring so much value to your life.

We decided to launch this project via Kickstarter because it’s a great way to have our community get involved and be able to basically pre-order the Dreambooks and guarantee that they will have them for the coming year.  We have a ton of reward levels so everyone can participate and get exactly what they need.

I’m so grateful to have you in my world and to be able to share with you this heart-project of ours.  I would love your support in making it happen.



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