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By Briana | April 17th 2019

Abundance! Everywhere!


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The other day Peter and I were on our way to pick our girls up at school and talking about some major unexpected expenses. It felt a little heavy and I decided that it was a good time to ask the universe for a reminder that abundance is everywhere.

Like so many of my friends & clients, we’ve found that money is one of *those* topics that just manages to bring out our fear the most. I remember many scary money moments, like when we weren’t sure how we’d pay for the Boulder location of The Dragontree, or how we’d make everything work while Sabina was a baby and we were still running the spas AND a cafe.

Money can be tricky.

Our relationship with money can be tricky.

But, like so many things in life that pull at our sense of security, money can also be one of the most effective tools at up-leveling our trust in the universe, and in ourselves!

So, here’s your invitation.

(Especially if, with tax season, money is feeling stressful right now.)

Can we see & experience the abundance of the universe?

Can we ask for reminders that abundance (not scarcity) is the norm for the universe, and in our lives?

After I made my little prayerful request, simply stating, “I’d love a sign that abundance is everywhere,” we gathered our girls and were walking back to the car and I found a $5 bill on the ground.

I was. So. Excited.

I mean, it’s always fun to find $5! But also, it was a response from the universe. I felt like it was saying, “we’ve got you!”. And it’s signs like this, that, when we look for them, remind us we’re being divinely provided for, always.

We just have to be looking! That’s where our work lies.

After I found the $5 bill on the ground, I pointed it out to Peter, saying, “See!! Abundance! Everywhere!”

And he laughed and said, “That’s just how it is *for you* Briana.”

But it’s not true. It’s for all of us. There is literally abundance everywhere, we just aren’t always paying attention. We have to do our part of truly SEEING it.

So, how can you open to seeing & experiencing this universal abundance, from $5 to $500,000?!

First, I encourage you to keep it really light and playful. Ask for signs, but not with an energy of pouting, disbelief, or resentment. You aren’t throwing a tantrum or asking the universe to prove itself to you. You’re asking for reminders of the truth: that the universe is abundant, that we’re cared for.

Second, pay attention. What are you grateful for? How have you already been provided for in unbelievable ways? Getting even more focused on what you love and appreciate multiplies that. When you find $5, celebrate! When you realize how much you already have, mark that.

And finally, when the universe brings you the signs you ask for, don’t explain it away, or minimize the magic. There are no coincidences; there are no accidents.

Life is filled with overflowing beauty and abundance if only we have the eyes to see it, and the hearts to believe it.

Let me know how it feels when you try this; reply and tell me what you experience as you open to more abundance. It’s all waiting for you.




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