By Briana | April 10th 2019

Permission to be


Here is the plan for life according to movies: we struggle and work hard to succeed, and then once we do, we’re happy. 

Whether that’s in the realm of love, our careers, personal health, or just about anything, we’re taught over and over again that the hard part ends once we get what we want. Along the way, so the story goes, the parts that feel painful are when we fail, or struggle, or get sidetracked. It sounds so simple, right? Get what we want = happy, don’t get what we want = unhappy.

But, real life is actually a much more complicated story. 

What I find in myself and in SO many of my clients and friends, is that our relationship to “getting what we want” is messy and complicated. In other words, human.

Have you ever been afraid to succeed?
Or, perhaps more to the point, is there any part of you that feels afraid of your full power?

What often happens for us is that when we get a glimpse of our power, or of our true purpose, it feels beautiful and expansive . . . and terrifying. 

Sometimes, we need reassurance to step into our power because it feels like truly emerging as our full selves might be too much. Too big. Too grand.

The success story from the movies?
The happily ever after ending?
The dream job or the dream life?

This can actually feel like the hard part.

Why does this happen?

Sometimes we aren’t sure if we’re fully able to raise our hand and respond affirmatively to the call that we’re hearing from the universe. We worry that we won’t be able to fully step up to the plate (especially if we’ve just figured out what plate, exactly, is meant to be ours).

Another common experience is fearing that we’ll alienate people, or even hurt them, by being fully empowered ourselves.

We worry that people might feel jealous of us, or just not like us, if we’re truly ourselves. The truth is – it might happen. There are people who don’t like me, resent me, and judge me. But it’s not about me – each individual is on their own path.

And, I’m not going to let it stop me from showing up as my authentic self, and staying with what’s true for me. 

If this is happening for you, I encourage you to check in with yourself, internally, and get really clear that your purpose and direction is coming from your internal wisdom.

Three journaling questions to ask yourself: 

  1. What’s the experience of empowerment feel like in your body?  Can you connect to a memory or an experience in which you felt truly empowered? How would you describe it?
  2. What would the most successful, powerful, and true version of you be like at work? In your family? In your body? 
  3. What does relaxing into your pain/fear feel like instead of fighting it? Can you be with it, rather than resisting it, without making it wrong or bad, but also without letting it direct you?

You’re called to step fully into your power, and it may feel scary. In fact, if you’re truly listening to your purpose, it probably will. 

But, you’re not alone – we’re in this with you. Use these questions to tune into your fear and your power and let both reveal themselves within you.

You got this.

Cheering you on in your power (and your fear),

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