By Briana | April 6th 2019

Feel The Vibration


As part of our Dragontree Illuminator Training (the highest level of our Dragontree life coaching training program), we close our eyes and follow the sounds of a giant, beautiful gong.

You may be wondering…


But, it is one of the most profound elements of our training.

The power of vibrational sound is one of the elemental teachers we rely upon to practice our focus, depth, and energetic alignment.

The gong is an ancient instrument that is described as providing the sound of the vibrant energy core of the whole universe. How amazing is that?!

All forms of matter, from our body’s cells to your glass of water, vibrate at different frequencies. Daily stress, distraction, and even disease cause us to vibrate at lower frequencies, and we can use the beauty of gong meditation to raise our vibration back into a higher frequency. From that higher frequency, we can heal, play in universal wisdom, connect to our inner light, and relax deeply into meditation.

Our illuminators lay down on meditation mats, facing the gong (Peter’s Christmas present!) and close their eyes. In some ways, we “bathe” in the soundwaves, so we refer to it as a gong bath, and as each note rings out, our task is to visualize ourselves following the sounds all the way until their endings.

A sound takes on a shape, a form, and a sense of movement, as we trace each strike out to its horizon line.

In so doing, we feel the vibration — we even feel it becomes a part of us.

Initially, the gong is struck softly, and as our meditation practice deepens, the volume gradually increases.

As we deepen into it, our brainwaves literally shift, in a process called entrainment, or when we match our internal rhythms to the vibration around us. (This is the same process by which we match our sleep cycles to the light & darkness in our days, even when the time zones change or we travel.)

What is so beautiful about this process is that it reminds us that we can actually change our vibration.

If you are in a funk (and Springtime is ripe with funky feelings — so much is changing all at once!) try taking a moment to shift your vibration with some gong meditation sounds; or if you don’t have a gong available, try a singing bowl or chimes.

Here is a free 15-minute meditation.

Immersing ourselves in gong sounds allows us to move beyond the boundaries of our mind and play with the universe, it is like playing a million stringed instruments at once.

The gong takes us into universal sound, into perpetual sound – out into space!

Who wouldn’t want to hang out there?

“The science of reality is to find the sound and to resound in that sound. Then the soul shall excel and God shall dwell within you.” – Yogi Bhajan

You are divine, you are part of the design of the universe, and you can reconnect to the higher vibration within yourself any time.



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