By Briana | February 21st 2019

Ignite Your Will


“I have this great idea, I’ve even planned the shit out of it, and yet – I feel stuck! I seem to find my way forward”

One of my new clients wrote this to me in her initial email. And it struck a cord – I see this.

All. The. Time.

It’s the human condition. No matter who you are, there are both energetic and tangible blocks on your path. Often, we can see the way forward but there are real forces standing between where we are and where we want to go.

These blocks come in so many forms. My clients describe feeling these or seeing these blocks as shadowy fortresses, brick walls, or houses of mirrors. Sometimes the bricks are laid with mortar, or if you’re lucky – just stacked there ready to crumble.

Enter the ignited will.

Your will is the consistent, determined, and focused fire that alchemizes blocks into the footing for your chosen path.

These energetic impediments and blocks and barriers aren’t going to disappear into thin air or knock themselves down (most likely). It’s going to take actual energetic precision to move, dissolve, or transmute them.

The ignited will is passion crystallized into action.

Your will is what takes that crazy fabulous idea and manifests it. You have to do “the thing”. You have to take the step.

You have to do the actual work to bring your dreams into reality, to push through the crust and bring the seedling into the light

Your will isn’t endless and it should be used consciously with clarity and discernment (you don’t want to waste the magic on piddly, inconsequential things). And you can grow, sustain, and support your will by creating a strong community, taking care of your body, and meditation.

Strong Community

When we have a community that supports us to reach for our dreams, to remember what matters most to us, and deepen into our inner wisdom and expand into true service – we’re able to lean into that community when we need to call upon our will.

And I know that it can feel hard as adults to create a community like this, and like a fairy tale to just find a community like this – but I can’t emphasize enough how vital it is for our growth in so many ways.

It’s worth putting in the effort to create if you can. It’s work and fun and in order to do it successfully, it takes dedication and attention.

Or you can put your effort into finding a community like this (our Love Rising community comes to mind) and then engaging in that community consistently.

Taking care of your body

One of the things I find a lot is that people want to ignite their will – but find that they simply can’t because they’re tired or simply don’t feel good in their body. What then often happens is a downward spiral of judgment and shame around not being able to do what they want to do and then feeling worse in their body.

Here’s the thing: your health is crucial and if you need to tend to your health in order to feel well – it’s important for that to be your focus while other things wait on the back burner.

I’m not saying you can’t do amazing magnificent things while also being ill or tired. You for sure can, but if you find yourself in a cycle of judgment and sickness – see if removing the judgment of yourself and replacing it with deep loving kindness and care might break that pattern.

Even if you aren’t sick or tired, taking care of your body is still important to being able to activate your will. Because the stronger and more vital your container – the more energy it can hold and move in the direction of your dreams.

So tend to this beautiful temple of yours.


There are bazillions of reasons to meditate (I think this is legit true) – in the case of activating your will meditation is essential because it trains you to slow down and focus. To be able to see the next necessary step and to move yourself to take that step with intention.

When our minds are busy, distracted, and full of stories – our energy is dispersed and thin, but when our minds are clear, focused, and determined – our energy follows and will is ignited.

If you don’t currently have a meditation practice I invite you to start with just five minutes every day. It’s hard at first – but the rewards are truly magnificent, I promise. (BTW I know that you probably already know you “should” be meditating, but I also know that I had to hear it sooooo many times before I dedicated myself – so just in case this time is the time you really “hear” it – I had to do my part 😉 )

Your will is your superhero power.

(who needs to fly when you can ignite your will?!)

Igniting and then recharging your will allows you to move forward along your path toward your heart service. What is your heart service, the light work that you want to manifest in the world with your ignited will?



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