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Activation Intensives


3-hour interactive intensives

Are designed to initiate a lasting shift in your consciousness and your energy.

The session consists of

  • Energy work
  • Meditation
  • Breath work
  • And a transmission from me for the purpose of initiating an energetic reconfiguration in you.

As this reconfiguration translates through your being and your life, you’ll notice improvements in your thinking, your mood, your body, and your circumstances.

My intention over these 3 hours is to carry this reconfiguration the whole way through to its embodiment – meaning,

the shift should be complete

Live Intensives

You’ll receive the link to join me Live on Zoom as soon as you register. A replay will be available immediately after if you are unable to attend live.

Monday, August 01st at 2:00pm MT

Sacred Relationships

VolUME 2: Creating Structures for Closeness

3 Hour Intensive

This beautiful experience will help you become aware of the sacred structures needed to allow healthy flow in your connections, allowing for more authenticity and closeness.

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Instant Access Intensives

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Sacred Relationships

VolUME 1: Codes for Deeper Connection

3 Hour Intensive

In our time together we’re going to be doing some of the most important work of our lives: learning the codes to create relationships that elevate everyone involved. 

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Time Magic: The Frequency

2 Hour Intensive

In this powerful 2 hour experience we’ll get into the roots of your time tangle and untether your deeply ingrained beliefs around time that hold you back from creating what you want with your life.

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Opening to Flow

3 Hour Intensive

This powerful 2 hour experience is for humans that want to live their lives with more space, time, and flow. 


Unlocking Abundance

3 Hour Intensive

Uncover your version of Abundance … of energy, freedom, abundance, time, play, and love.

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Awakening the Creator

3 Hour Intensive

Reconnect to your Creator energy and experience how it feels to own it fully.

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The Confidence Code

This powerful activation is designed to fully shift your energy and consciousness toward Confidence.

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