By Briana | January 1st 2014

Calendar It Now


Happy New Year!  I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled, like literally jumping up and down kinda thrilled, to be starting a new year.  And though it may be a totally arbitrary division of time, we give it significance, and for that I am grateful, because we can all use a fresh start sometimes.

I am spending the day reviewing my 2014 focus and the feelings that I’m cultivating for the new year, while cozied up with my family.

Maybe you want to spend the day completing the third of our three sessions (if you missed part one or part two check them out now)  to creating the best year ever?  Or maybe you can do it tomorrow…  Either way, here it is.

To get started, take out the sheet and the spreadsheet that you completed from the first two sessions, and grab a calendar. The best way I have found to work a plan is to use a calendar, I use the ol’ Google Gregorian calendar, and I highly recommend it.

You’ve already done the major work of setting all the due dates for your goals, projects, and tasks – now you’re going to put them into your calendar on the due date (and sometimes, if it’s a two or three day task, you will put the task on multiple days before the due date.)  I like to make each goal, project, task group have its own color, so they coordinate.

Now you’ve got your big goals all set in your calendar.  But what about all those other things you wanted to get done this year?  Let’s not forget about them.

First, take your desired feelings that you came up with (the ones on the top of the first sheet) and put them where you’ll see them on your calendar.  If you use a whole month view at a time – then put them at the top, right under the month name.  In google calendar, I just put it on the top of every day and have it repeat daily for the year.

Then, go through your two columns that you wrote about what you want to do for your community and what you want to do for yourself and cross out anything that isn’t moving you anymore.  That’s right – just get rid of it.  You don’t have to do everything right now.  Now, put the remaining items on that list into your calendar.

Some of these things are simple to transfer directly to a calendar (like write two thank you’s a week – you can just stick it in on whatever day and time you want.) And some need to go through the project/task process you did here and then be plugged into the calendar.  I want to support you to not put any more big goals on this calendar, but other things, like starting a monthly neighborhood get together, are fine additions.

You don’t need to fill your calendar, leave some room for life. But make sure you plan for joy. – Tweet it


The things that will bring you delight – put them in.  Time with friends, dance classes, music lessons, family time, and vacations make life exciting and fun.  Sometimes when we get overly focused on accomplishment we can lose the joys of life, and then the successes are meaningless.  This is your life.  The only one you’ve got.  Enjoy it.

Now, the last step is to imagine yourself next year in December having cultivated all of the feelings you were desiring for the year, having accomplished your three major goals, and having had an amazing time doing it.  How would that make you feel? That is your future.  Make it solid in your mind.

Revisit this vision often, and pull that experience into your body.  Feel it in every way possible.  Believe it.

I believe in you.

Scroll down to the comments and tell me exactly how you are going to feel in December 2014 after a year of creating your life to be exactly how you want it.

I can’t wait to hear!!!


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