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By Briana | January 8th 2014

Feeling hot and bothered?


And we’re back.

Did that holiday vacation seem really long to anyone else?  I’m so grateful to have gotten some quality time with my family and some lazy days of fires, reading, and visualizing.  And now we’re able to get down to business – making it all happen for 2014 – but this year, with ease . . . and a touch of lust.

That’s right. Lust.

I don’t talk a ton about sex here, mostly because I’m pretty sure my Mormon sister reads this.  But, this is important.

You know that feeling when you first start dating someone that you think is so hot, so funny, and oh soooo sexable?  When you’re with them, you love the way they talk but can’t wait to give them a reason to shut up?  When you’re away from them, you’re drawing hearts around their name and Facebook stalking their Mexican vacation photos?

If it’s been awhile since you had these particular cravings, I beg you to dig deep to remember.  This is lust.  And lust is powerful.

It’s unbridled desire that comes from a powerful place, from our sensual, creative center.  And you can use it to get what you want in business and life.


What I mean is this – what if you wanted to get it on with your goals, like really – you thought about them all day long, you drew hearts around them, you fantasized about doing it and doing it and doing it.  What if your passion for them was all consuming?

One of the most important differences between this kind of attitude and the way you might currently think about your goals is that it doesn’t involve worrying about NOT getting them, NOT achieving them, NOT realizing your dreams.  You just focus on having them, enjoying them, and making sweet, sweet love to them.  If you can’t conjure up that feeling for your goals – then maybe, just maybe, you’re shooting for someone else’s goals, or goals you think you should have, or society’s goals for you or goals that you once lusted after, but no longer do.

If you could arouse genuine excitement about your goal – like wanting to rip its clothes off, and push it against a wall and devour it,  you’d have some real creative power working for you.

In our culture we tend to suppress our sexual nature because it’s what’s polite and socially acceptable. So we keep our sexual energy in the bedroom, on its back, barely moving.  Wake it up and let it out.  I’m not saying we should dress like harlots and playboys or scatter our lust all over the world in an unconscious fashion.  In fact, I think that this energy is quite sacred and should be treated accordingly.

But there’s obviously a wellspring of power there, and it can be stoked and transmuted into a force for positive change.  We need to tap into this well and use it for the projects and creations that support our purpose in the world.  Use it to create bonds and awaken passion.  It is one of our greatest resources for manifestation available to us.


I’d love to hear from you.  How do you tap into your sexual creative energy?  Scroll down to the comments and share.

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