By Briana | July 24th 2013

Do it with grace


This last couple of weeks have been insanely full in my life. Opening up a new spa in Boulder, attending dear friends weddings, executing a retreat for my Mastermind group, celebrating my spas 10 year anniversary party, and dealing with a lot of “fires” has stretched me to my limit and certainly strengthened my will.

Have you ever had a time in your life where you’ve been so friggin’ busy that you had no idea how you were going to get it all done?

That’s been my reality.

Here’s what I did to manage it all with grace (okay grace might be an exaggeration):

1. I took out the things that I didn’t absolutely HAVE to do. Like I’m sure you were devastated not to hear from me last week – but you survived, and though I missed getting to write to you, my sanity was saved.

2. I extracted every ounce of fun out of the moment. Even though I was busy – a lot of it was stuff I loved doing. Sometimes when we’re overwhelmed with things to do we start future planning all the time, which makes it impossible to be present in the experience of what’s happening. The more I allowed myself to be in each moment and enjoying it – the more space and ease was available.

3. I wrote it all down. Instead of keeping any details in my head about what all needed to get done – I got it in my calendar. This way I knew that what I was doing was exactly what I was meant to be doing and I could focus on the task at hand.

As more things came up, I added them to the schedule, instead of trying to hold them in my mind and not forget them.

4. I asked for help. I wrote about the importance of asking for help HERE. It’s so vital to reach out when you’re in need. People will blow your mind with their willingness to be there for you and assist you.

Just asking my sweet girlfriend to get me breakfast while she was out so I could keep working made a huge difference in getting all my stuff done, and done well.

5. I was my own exuberant cheerleader. When I started to go into overwhelm, I redirected. Instead of letting myself spiral into the depths of despair, I gave myself a lil’ pep-talk. Reminding myself that I could totally do it. That I have the capacity and capability to do extraordinary things. And that time is now.

And you know what? It’s all happening. Last Thursday was our Grand Opening party for our Boulder location and it’s all beautiful. I even have time to write to you, which delights my heart.

If I can do it – so can you. You’re gaining the skills and strategies every day to get exactly what you want in life. And if you find yourself feeling the fullness in an about to pop kinda way – do these five things (above) and I know that you will experience the space you need to pull through with grace.

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