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By Briana | July 3rd 2013

I’m falling in love


I just celebrated my 33rd birthday and am so super thrilled to be in this year of my life. 33 just seems totally bad-ass if you ask me.

This year I am giving myself something huge. Something that I’ve always wanted, but didn’t know that I didn’t have.

Interestingly I tried to write this last week, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I wasn’t ready to commit fully, but now I am.

This year is the year that I fall completely, deeply and madly in love with ME. And I plan to woo the pants off myself.


Here’s the thing, I have worked hard my whole life to be a good student, be a loving friend, be a thoughtful daughter, be a sweet sister, be a wonderful wife, do my best, be a great boss, learn more, be talented, impress people, be a terrific mama. And I have. And I haven’t. I’ve done well and I’ve totally failed.

Being everyone’s favorite of whatever I am to them (friend, waitress, boss, student, teacher….it doesn’t matter the roll) was of the utmost importance to me. My self worth became conditional upon others approval. I pretended not to care what people thought – but I did, I totally did.

Now, I’m not saying I’m over caring what other think – I care. It’s just that my view of myself isn’t dictated by the lenses of others. – Tweet it.

And now I’m going to dive deep into a loving relationship with this chick. You know, the kind of relationship where I’m whispering sweet things, writing love letters, expressing my appreciation, taking good care of her and treating her like royalty.

I’m telling you this because I want this for you too. Because you deserve your own unconditional love.

Will you join me? Let’s fall in love. Head over heels.


  • Karen says:


    I’m with you! You are an inspiration! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of your e-mail correspondence.

  • Inga says:

    Lovely! I’m in!!

  • Autumn says:

    That is soooo beautiful Briana, thank you for sharing! You definitely stirred something up in me… what an amazing journey you’re undertaking and I’d LOVE to come along for the ride!! 🙂

  • zenana says:

    Count me in! I have been working on some of the same things. Big stuff!
    And Happy Birthday Briana. Hugs to you. <3 <3

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