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By Briana | March 20th 2013

Don’t Disregard Winter


Happy almost spring!

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving seeing the crocuses pop up and even daffodils blooming! I never understood why we have New Year’s in the middle of winter instead of the spring – which is so obviously a new beginning. In fact, I’ve given this a ton of thought and at one point considered petitioning to get it changed! (I’m mostly joking about the petition part.)

However, as I learned more about the seasons through traditional philosophies from around the world, I came to a deeper understanding of how and when new cycles actually begin – and it’s not when you see the evidence of them.

By the time you see spring flowers popping up, a lot of secret preparation has already occurred. Seeds have been germinating underground, tiny leaves have been gathering sun, and bulbs have been converting starch into sap in order to be ready for a burst for growth as soon as the world warms up.

In traditional cultures there is reverence for this process of nature and an understanding of the correlation to how people move through cycles in their lives.

In our culture we’re generally oblivious to the natural cycles of our work, creativity, and energy because there is so much importance put on producing an outcome and making our routine conform to the schedules of those around us. We see “overnight successes” and make them national news – with little emphasis, if any, put on the years of deliberation, hard work, and thought that went into creating that overnight success.

We love the flowers. The product. The pretty. The success.

But these stunning creations don’t come without winter. Without the quiet time of accumulating energy, information, experience, and clarity.

The beginning isn’t showy, but it’s beautiful. – Tweet it 

Now the New Year in January makes sense to me – it’s when the quiet preparation for a new plan begins. So if you’re just starting to see the baby sprouts of your goals or visions for the year – you’re right on time with nature!

What little shoots of dreams are you seeing in your life? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


  • Thanks Briana!

    Yes, we love spring too. The little shoots are two babies and a dream of owning a bike shop.

    The bike shop is fun–so are the babies.

    Thanks for your posts. Yes, it all forms in the harshness of winter to sprout in the sun of spring.

    • Briana Borten says:

      That’s awesome Matthew! A bike shop would be super fun! Let me know how it’s going along the way!
      Thanks for being here.

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